Red Fox Fitness Gym Membership Winners are…

Red Fox Metal SignOn October 11th, The Rotary Club of Waxhaw had a Pancake breakfast over at our Red Fox Fitness Gym!  We were able to utilize the Cafe to serve Waxhaw’s very own Stacks Pancakes and Sausage!  We had tables and chairs and LOTS of decorations in the Zumba and Yoga room – it looked great!
During this day of festivities, we had a ‘Give-Away’ at Red Fox…5 Free Dri Fit T-Shirts and 10 Bronze Gym Memberships of the winners choice (Unlimited Gym or Unlimited Classes).
As promised, the announcement of those winners is here!  We drew names from the big pickle jar and the winners are as follows:
Red Fox Dri Fit T-Shirt Winners:
  1. Cherie Carter
  2. Jennifer Osborne
  3. Sheri Newton
  4. Carol Robins
  5. Val Koehler
RFF Bronze Gym Membership Winners:
  1. Katheryn Kiffmeyer
  2. Catherine Barnes
  3. Thea Rossano
  4. Janie Shoup
  5. Jason Carter
  6. Sheila Simpson
  7. Les Burns
  8. Bob Peters
  9. Sandra Platt
  10. Jade Kiker
Congratulations to all of our winners!  To claim your winnings, please stop by the Red Fox Fitness Gym at 115 E. North Main St. in downtown Waxhaw.  We are located at the Old Fire Station across from the Walking Bridge on the corner!
You can find the New Schedule by clicking the Link below.

Get Your FREE Fitness Videos – Limited Time!

confused lady on scaleHave you ever wondered why oh why can’t I just make losing weight, being healthy and getting fit a part of my life? Have you ever yo-yo back and forth with your weight and thought about going on a ‘Diet’ again?!

I understand! I use to weigh in over 240# and was a size 16 (and it was creeping up)!

There’s so much more to weight loss and fitness than a diet or just some pill or simple foods that we can eat! There’s more to it then just some exercise routine! It’s NOT easy! It’s not easy at all…

But it can be simple!

What?!?! I know…You’ve head so much that it’s hard to imagine that fitness isn’t difficult at best! You see, our emotions, past, eating, habits, surroundings and even injuries!!  They all seem to get in the way and then there’s the barrage of information out there to sift through! Who has time to figure it all out!

Well, Red Fox Fitness wants to help! We have a way to get you started on the right path and we want to address all of the above! So, no matter what your personal issue seems to be, we want to address it and show you some clear answers!

We are giving you access to 7 weeks of FREE videos; links sent straight to your email! You can listen and watch in the privacy of your own home or phone and decide for yourself what areas you need to work on the most! We’ll help you get started by giving you action steps so you can build confidence in your journey (notice I didn’t’ say diet!!)

If you would like to receive this incredible offer…no strings attached…then click the picture below!

Honestly, we know how busy you are and that trust is always an issue…Please note that we won’t pass on, sell or advertise your private information to anyone!  We are just here to help as long as YOU want us to be there!

So click the picture/link below now!  This is a limited time offer only from Red Fox Fitness!

Click Here for FREE Video
Click the picture for the ability to get the FREE Fitness Video Series! Act Now!! This is a limited time offer from Red Fox Fitness!

As always, we are here to help!  If you have any thoughts or questions, please feel free to email us at

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Red Fox Fitness Pamela DeVrou Smith

  • Pamela “Red Fox” Smith
  • 115 E. North Main St.
  • Waxhaw, NC 28173

#RFF Bi Ceps & Tri Ceps

Red Fox Standing DB Curls 1
Red Fox Standing DB Curls 1

Here’s a good little work out that I enjoyed at my old gym!  I’m hoping to get some great videos here at Red Fox now that we have our very own building!!  Soon… In the mean time, enjoy and try it out for your self!

Here’s the Work Out:

Super Set 1:

  • Preacher Curls 8×3
  • Skull Crushers 8×3
  • Standing DB Curls 8ea x 3 (try to not have so much swing!!  haha)
  • Tri Cep Kickbacks 8ea x 3

Super Set 2:

  • Rope Hammer Curls 8×3
  • Tri Cep Overhead Pulley 8×3 (drop down optional)
  • Drop Down w/ DB Curls
  • Finish out with 1-2 miles walk/running on T-mill or outside!

Bi-cepts and Tri-cepts from Pamela “Red Fox” Smith on Vimeo.

For more information or if you have any questions, fill out the form below!

Your Body Your Temple

Slide 10 - Hiking, Swimming...
YOUR Body…YOUR Temple! Treat it accordingly! 

Being healthy and taking care of our bodies is a “Christ-Like” thing!  God asks us to “Take care of our Temples (gifts from Him btw…)” and to honor God with our bodies!  So why is it that we struggle so hard with this one?

I’ve found there are three areas that keep us from being Healthy and Fit and giving ourselves our BEST!

1.)  How:  We are bombarded with information but sifting through it can be difficult!  Even when we manage to get through the minions of information, many times we end up with the wrong information!  How in the world can we decipher through and know what we are doing is the ‘right thing’?

  • First, we have to remember that we simply need to start by getting active!  It         doesn’t have to be BIG steps…they can be little.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  When we are dropping off our kids to their activity, walk around the park while waiting instead of sitting on the bench or in the car!  Start small…and do it often.  Shooting for activity in our lives on a daily basis is the goal!  You can worry about getting more of it after you’ve created the habit of just being active!

2.)  Discipline:  The art and consistency of discipline is one of the toughest areas I fail the most!  It’s difficult to push all distractions aside (inside and out) and simply do what you set out to do – GET IT DONE!  I’m in awe of those that can get up and just do what they said they would do regardless of how they feel or what’s on their list of ‘to do’s’ for the day! They seem to set their alarm and go right into motion.  I have a son that is an incredible runner.  He’s so self-disciplined!  I’m in wonder every time this 13yr old text messages me and lets me know that he just finished running and doing the workout that was expected of him!  It’s amazing to see his improvements and the honors he gets from this simple (yet difficult) act he has developed within his young life!

We must remember, those that have that ability were NOT born with it!  They had to develop discipline within their lives!  I love to see people who join the gym who are brand new to the experience!  They come in – hit or miss at first.  Little-by-little, they get more and more consistent.  Soon enough they create the habit (self-discipline) of coming in the gym and getting their work out in!  I’m proud of them!  When I set out a goal and day-by-day achieve it, no matter how long it takes, I feel so good about myself.  It breads a confidence within me that carries me into other areas of my life!  In our society of “Instant everything”, self-discipline is an art that we desperately need to return!  Remember, God is asking us to take our health seriously…ask Him for the ability to be disciplined enough to do it!  He’ll provide more and more as you step out in Faith daily!

3.)  Body Image:  This one is tough!  We are bombarded daily with images and statements that we simply don’t measure up!  Perfection seems to be “everyone’s” but ours.  The magazines, TV and movies (and don’t forget fellow humans!  Ladies, we need to start being nicer to each other!) show us what we are supposed to be looking like and when we look into the mirror…well, it’s no where the same.  First we need to remember that we are unconditionally loved by the One who made us in the first place!  He’s not asking us to take care of ourselves because He needs a better looking disciple!  He loves you exactly where you are at and who you are right at this moment!  He wants what’s best for us, and taking care of our bodies so that we have energy and are not sick is part of what’s best!  There’s nothing like waking up feeling good, having energy and never worrying about getting sick!

We need to let go of what others say we should be and simply day-by-day take steps toward being healthy (the best version of ourselves).  When we do this, we just simply think better about ourselves!  We need to give it our best and do it daily.  When we fall off and fail that day…get right back at it!  It’s not time to barrage ourselves and crumble our emotions…it’s just a lapse.  Get back out there and start again!  It’s a lifetime journey.  It’s a style that we need to adopt.  It’s going to take some adjustments.  I’m STILL adjusting…always will be so that I can give my life (the precious gift God gave me) the best I’ve got!  I’m not comparing myself to someone in a magazine or in a movie…I’m looking into the mirror and knowing that God loves the one looking back at me and I have been charged with taking care of that person!  I wouldn’t call a friend bad names and cut them down…why would I do it to myself?  Stop it!  That’s not how we need to talk to ourselves.  We need to practice kindness…to ourselves so that we are in habit and can be nice to others as well!

For more information or to be on our mailing list, please fill out your name and email!

We want to give you more!! You deserve it!

Slide 12 - More info:
Become a #RFF Member!

There’s so much to becoming an AWESOME Red Fox Fitness member!  If you are a member of #RFF, you will receive newsletters, updates and videos!!  These video’s may be about grocery shopping, eating right and how to do that, how to deal with the stresses of getting your workout in or how to live healthy – what does that look like and much much more!  We will be bringing monthly challenges, weekly work outs and hearing directly from you as well about how YOU are doing in your Health and Fitness journey!  Join us and become a ‘Member’ by simply filling out your name and email address!!  That’s it!  We’ll do the rest by keeping you up to date!!  Be sure to share this page with your friends too so they can get “in-the-know” as well!!

May I be the first to say WELCOME ABOARD MEMBER!!  We are so glad to have you!

~Pamela “Red Fox” Smith

Red Fox Fitness Pamela DeVrou Smith

The Eye of the Storm!

Throwback Thursday…this is from when I lived in Michigan, however, it all still applies! Enjoy! ~Pamela

Red Fox Fitness

RFF Lady BugI had a baaaad week last week.   No, I mean it.   So much so, that I couldn’t sleep on top of all that I was feeling and going through.  “You look so tired.  Are you ok?”  was  a common question last week.  The problem was, I was tired and worn out and frazzled.  How do I get to my own personal daily “High 5” and talk to others about being in this zone when all this other “stuff” is going on?

It is such a legitimate question!   The truth is I need weeks like last week to remind myself that this life thing can be very difficult and being Healthy and Fit in all 5 areas isn’t easy to do.  Some of us are facing pressures that are way beyond “normal”.  We have disappointments, frustrations, deadlines, and pressures that bring us way over the top.  On top of that…

View original post 999 more words

Here we go again! Another #RFF Challenge!

October is a great challenge month!  I really don’t know why!  It’s not September where we all get our schedules in line!  It’s not November where we celebrate being Thankful!  December…Well, you know that one!  January…we ALL want to get fit then!  No extra motivation involved!  So, anyway…October – Challenge month!  I’m giving you a video that I’ve done about the challenge, but here’s the jist of it:

October Challenge:

  • 100 Sit Ups
  • 100 Push Ups
  • 100 Burpees

Everyday for the month of October!  No makes ups!  You do this every day.  You can split it up within the day, but it needs to be finished within the 24hr period.  It’s actually pretty simple, but it’s hard to do all at the same time.  It’s all about discipline within our lives.  Challenges like this one teach us to be disciplined…we all could use a bit more of it!

Ok…So.  Join in the RFF Monthly Challenge group and post within the day that you finished!  Join here…   Accountability is important!  Let’s do this!

Burpee Challenge from Smith on Vimeo.

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