#RFF Bi Ceps & Tri Ceps

Red Fox Standing DB Curls 1
Red Fox Standing DB Curls 1

Here’s a good little work out that I enjoyed at my old gym!  I’m hoping to get some great videos here at Red Fox now that we have our very own building!!  Soon… In the mean time, enjoy and try it out for your self!

Here’s the Work Out:

Super Set 1:

  • Preacher Curls 8×3
  • Skull Crushers 8×3
  • Standing DB Curls 8ea x 3 (try to not have so much swing!!  haha)
  • Tri Cep Kickbacks 8ea x 3

Super Set 2:

  • Rope Hammer Curls 8×3
  • Tri Cep Overhead Pulley 8×3 (drop down optional)
  • Drop Down w/ DB Curls
  • Finish out with 1-2 miles walk/running on T-mill or outside!

Bi-cepts and Tri-cepts from Pamela “Red Fox” Smith on Vimeo.

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The Eye of the Storm!

Throwback Thursday…this is from when I lived in Michigan, however, it all still applies! Enjoy! ~Pamela

Red Fox Fitness

RFF Lady BugI had a baaaad week last week.   No, I mean it.   So much so, that I couldn’t sleep on top of all that I was feeling and going through.  “You look so tired.  Are you ok?”  was  a common question last week.  The problem was, I was tired and worn out and frazzled.  How do I get to my own personal daily “High 5” and talk to others about being in this zone when all this other “stuff” is going on?

It is such a legitimate question!   The truth is I need weeks like last week to remind myself that this life thing can be very difficult and being Healthy and Fit in all 5 areas isn’t easy to do.  Some of us are facing pressures that are way beyond “normal”.  We have disappointments, frustrations, deadlines, and pressures that bring us way over the top.  On top of that…

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Don’t Engage…Be Present by Bradley Grinnen

Here’s a great post about how we can react when we are situations that are rubbing us wrong! It’s not always easy to be “controlled” in those moments! My friend Bradley Grinnen gives a thoughtful view on confrontations….”Don’t Engage…Be Present”

Thanks Bradley!

Don't Engage...Be Present by Bradley Grinnen
Don’t Engage…Be Present by Bradley Grinnen

Bradley Grinnen

Full disclosure… I am unmistakably a believer.  In this space I often use the term ‘The Divine’ to refer to the Higher Power.  Please allow yourself to replace ‘The Divine’ with how you’ve come to know and understand God.


The world has a funny way of bumping into us and completely changing our inner state of being.  One moment we’re happy and content, going through our day, and then BAM!  Someone that we really don’t feel good being around runs into us with the kind of passing comment that can immediately derail us.  We end up having 4 or 5 different conversations with that person in our head for the rest of the day.  Maybe we tell them off.  Maybe we logically box them into a corner and then knock them out with the tremendously practiced words we’ve worked so hard to come up with.  All in our head…

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Red Fox Fitness Salmon
Red Fox Fitness Salmon

Omega’s at it’s finest!

Salmon is a GREAT source of protein, it’s true!  However, Salmon is also one of the “good fats” on our list!  Salmon is the perfect source to boost your metabolism AND protect your heart at the same time!  It is LOADED with Omega’s (essential fatty acids that our body needs).  It has 4023mg of Omega 3’s and 1185mg of Omega 6’s!

Don’t leave this one out!  If you don’t like fish much, try the farm raised kind.  It’s much milder!   Continue reading Salmon


Red Fox Fitness Eggland's Best Eggs
Red Fox Fitness Eggland’s Best Eggs

Protein helps lean a body out, takes longer to digest so you stay full longer, and revs up your metabolism!  No exercise program is complete without it!  Eggs are a great and easy source of the Belly Fat burners program!  When looking for how much…strive to have no less than 80% of your ideal body weight!  So, I’m about 140# that would mean that I want no less than 112gr per day!

Other Protein sources are fish, nuts, chicken, lean beef, bison, & venison!

Continue reading Eggs

Eat Fat to Lose Fat! What?!?

Red Fox Fitness Good Oils
Red Fox Fitness Good Oils

The RIGHT kinds of fat matter!

Processed, hydrogenated, margarine….these are all ways we have invented to supposedly make our lives easier!  What happened instead was we were sold a bag of goods and fell for it hook, line and sinker!  All these fats do is give us more dimples in all the wrong places, layers on our bellies to make us pooch, and thicken up our arteries!


When we eat  in moderation the right kinds of fats, not only does it boost our energy level and let’s us stay full longer, but it also helps to get rid of the ugly fat our bodies are holding onto!

Onto the Good Stuff!

Don’t hesitate on this one!!  Run don’t walk to grab a garbage bag and replace your margarines (I don’t care that it says “healthy!!”), vegetable oils and thick white shortening with coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, and real butter (yup!  The farmers were right!!).

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Popeye knew what he was doing!
Popeye knew what he was doing!

Here’s the REAL skinny!  Spinach (Spinacia oleracea) is known for its nutrients, antioxidants, and cancer-fighting agents.

Spinach is Power Packed!

This green leafy vegetable also contains good amounts of many B-complex vitamins such as vitamin-B6 (pyridoxine), thiamin (vitamin B-1), riboflavin, folates and niacin. Awesome for energy boosting and oxidization for red blood cells!

Two cups (normal salad)

  • …is packed with Vitamin K (400%) – important for strengthening your bones!
  • …provides 25% of your daily iron intake!  It’s the richest of the green leafy vegetables!
  • …only 20 calories!!
  • …High in fiber – which aides in weight loss and lowers cholesterol!!

Add this green stuff to everything you can!  It’s best raw!  So use it heavily in salads, on sandwiches and even in smoothies!!

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Red Fox Fitness Matcha
Red Fox Fitness Matcha

Matcha – The whole Green Tea Leaf!

Matcha is a source like no other!  I drink this EVERY morning!

  • Matcha boosts the fat burning machine!
  • It raises your metabolism!
  • It gives you energy! It does all this and still keeps you calm to think clearly.
  • It build your immune system with Antioxidants far surpassing even blueberries & pomegranates!! It has an ORAC rating of over 1300 units per gram to where pomegranates have 105 units per gram and blueberries have 91!
  • It’s rich in fiber (keeps you full longer!)

Make this a New Years Habit!  It’s such an easy one to start!  6oz of Almond Milk in a shaker bottle, 1/2 tsp Matcha and a little stevia to taste and you’re good to go!!

For a Matcha Ordering Click Here!

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Red Fox…Before and After

Red Fox...Before and After

Any one can achieve the desired results that they are looking for. It takes a decision, a plan of action, accountability, and time.

Need results?? Message me at Pamela@RedFoxFitness.com

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