For a Sexy Backside and Lower Body:

We all want to look our best but the honest truth is we will have to work at it!  The woman in this picture is earning the views of her backside by doing what it takes to keep it up where it belongs!  This work out isn’t just for women (I challenge any man to make it through it!), but it does target the areas we deem most problematic.  And so…make this a weekly stop to lift that derriere and get rid of the dimples!

This is a work out for improving your core.  The core is the basic of muscle-building and is important for EVERY activity you will ever do!  So take this one on and keep improving in this area!  It’ll be very worth it!

 Be sure to do a Warm up and Stretching before beginning this!

  • 50 Jumping Jacks
  • 15 Arm/Leg raises (for more advanced, add small weights in hands)
  • 30-60sec plank (increasing your time as you improve)
  • 25 side v-ups (R/L)
  • 25 crunches (for more advanced, add weights holding at upper chest)
  • 25 leg lowers (lay on the floor w/ arms over head, back flat to floor, and legs up in air.  Lower legs til almost touching floor then raise back up.

(Repeat 3x’s through-record time and adjustments.)   Time:__________  Adjustments:___________

One of the best derriere work outs I’ve done is the step/squat/back kick!  Wow, this thing works!  Stand on a step and step backward off of it.  Squat down on lower leg and lift back up while kicking backward!  I hate doing them, but I LOVE the results!  Go for it!  It will lift your bum!!  Do these as a set and record your time-but keep tight on your form!

  • 15 2-step stair squats holding a weight ball
  • 15ea Step/Squat/Back Kick (R/L)
  • 30-60sec Superman (increase time as you improve)
  • 30-60sec Plank (increase time as you improve)
  • 20 Squat w/ front kick

(Repeat 3x’s through – record time and adjustments.)   Time:________  Adjustments:________________

This combo really gets to the heart of our lower body!  Your heart rate will be up (guaranteed!!) and your leg muscles will be burning!  Work through that burn and keep your form!  This thing really works – working thighs, calves and back-sides!

    • 50 Jumping Jacks
    • 10 Skaters
    • 10 Plyo Jumps w/ band (or box)
    • 50 Jump Rope (jump in place)
    • 10 X-Squats (more advanced w/ 10lb weight ball)
    • 1 min wall sit

(Repeat 3x’s through – record time and adjustments.)   Time:________  Adjustments:________________

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