Take Me Back Home Again! YUM!!

Ok, I’ve been asked to talk about what it is that I eat.  I am not perfect in this area and I am still learning.  It seems that there is so much confusion about what is “healthy’ and what isn’t.  I’ve seen people get outright obsessed with what goes in their mouths and get very vocal about what others eat that they forget to actually enjoy life and being with others!

I grew up in a household where the reason food became important was to have friends over and enjoy their company!  I never knew my mother or our neighbors or my Grandma’s to have someone over and not offer them something (usually along with a cup of coffee!).  The point was to slow down and have a conversation not necessarily eating!  People where the focus.  My one Grandma was a farmer and they grew their own food from last years seeds.  Now, that’s called “Heirloom” (who knew that plants had become mostly Hybrid and they can’t reproduce themselves within their own seeds!!).   Grandma baked constantly and always had a special treat if we helped out or were good!  I remember going straight to the garden and pulling out a “snack” to munch on while my Grandfather talked to us under the huge willow tree.  Impromptu picnics under that same willow were the natural order of the day in the hot summer sun. Ice cold well water and lemonade became our favorite drinks.  My Mother, Aunts and Grandma would all bring something out and our family would enjoy the evening telling stories, laughing and learning what was right and wrong in the world.  I didn’t know just how blessed I was!

This gathering and enjoying and sharing is a lost art form-but food still brings me straight back to the shade of the Weeping Willow tree and snapping fresh green beans from Grandma’s garden.  Consequently, food for me needs to be fresh, colorful, free of chemicals and processing.  It’s best when it’s from a garden in the back yard or a farm just down the road!   I grew up surrounded by the Great Lakes of Michigan and a 1000 lakes in between.  My family-especially the boys, would all go fishing every chance they got and so I had to learn to like fish (this took me quite a while!).

At some point, I will get into some great details about eating.  For now, Keep it fresh!  That means local, farm, just picked (this could mean quickly frozen afterward! 🙂 ).  I need to say as well that the meat we do eat needs to be fresh as well.  I can’t tell you the difference it makes to have beef that is grazed in a field vs grain fed or free range chickens vs grains!  The beef, milk and eggs have so much more flavor and nutrients!  Oddly enough, animals know what they need!  And we are better off for it!

With that, here’s what we ate last night:

  • Tuna fish salad sandwiches w/ red onion & Olive Oil mayo on 12 grain bread
  • Baked acorn squash
  • Lightly steamed mixed veggies (Purple & White Cauliflower, Broccoli, carrots)
The best part is I live in Northern Michigan (“Up North” to the Michiganders)  and I went to one of my favorite Farmers Markets; Gallaghers on M-72 just outside of Traverse City.  The young girl working there told me that her Grandma Started this market.  I already knew that because my Grandma knew her Grandma and I grew up supporting that farm-because that’s just what you do!  It is one of the best and they have fresh produced, baked goods and farm fresh/home-made ice cream!  We had the best time  picking out our produce, going through the corn & hay mazes, petting the sheep and looking at the lazy pig!  The place was packed (I’m so glad to see!) as it was a beautiful fall sunny day in Northern MI!  Take a look!

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