A Little Soothing Please!

Last night, my husband coughed and coughed.  Now he is a 6’2″ 200+ man and when he coughs or rolls over, the bed moves.  Last night, the bed moved a lot!  I didn’t mind on my end, at least not that night.  I tend to stay up late at night and get up early-sleeping is an after thought most nights.  This night I just felt sorry for him.  There wasn’t much I could do and I wanted to help him so badly!

The next day when I was out, I made a point of getting some throat lozenges.  I got the best my money could buy (which means I put a lot of love into the decision!)  That evening when he was so grateful and immediately opened one up, he noticed that the new Halls were different.  The packages all had different sayings all over them.  Sayings of a positive nature!  They are calling it “A Pep Talk in Every Drop!”  Ha!  I love it!  What we say to ourselves is so important!  Let’s be honest…how many times have you heard yourself say something negative in your own head about yourself??  C’mon…HONEST!  I don’t even want to go into it and give you (or myself) any examples, let’s just say that our poor wardrobes have taken a beating through the years with a closet full of clothes and “…I have NOTHING to wear!!”  Ok, enough of that.  We need to be kind to others, but we need to learn to be kind to ourselves!!  Halls has found a cool little way to help out with that issue and I give them kudos for the effort!  What we do with it is-of course-is our decision.

Personally, I think, “How cool!”  I mean, when I’m sick, I usually jump right back on the negative train.  I’m miserable.  How cool to have a little reminder that I can add a positive message to my day.  Too much?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  How we think is how we act.  Where we put our attention is what we get more of.  So it stands to reason that the more positive messages I can put into my mind, the better!

So, I thought that even if you don’t have a cold or a sore throat, you can enjoy some of these sayings as well!!

  • “Impress yourself today!”
  • “Go get it!”
  • “Buckle down and push forth!”
  • “Hi-five yourself!” (We’ve all had fun with this one-giving ourselves Hi-5’s!  I know…we are corny around here!)
  • “Seize the day!”
  • “Put your game-face on!”
  • “Get back in the game!”
  • “Bet on yourself!”
  • “Don’t waste a precious minute!”
  • “Get back in there champ!”
  • “Be resilient!”
  • “Tough is your middle name!”
  • “You got it in you!”
  • “Flex your ‘Can Do’ muscle!”

The list continues!  The point is, get up and look in the mirror and tell yourself something cool!  It’s not corny.  Ok maybe it feels that way, but giving yourself a pep-talk or a compliment is so important!  If you don’t like you and aren’t nice to you…who will be?? YOU have to start that process!  So go ahead!  Say something nice…and put a smile on you own face!  YOU ARE GREAT!!  Yes you are and you deserve to hear that!


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