No Excuses!

Red Fox Fitness Mini Mag Pamela SmithI’ve been hearing “I need work” or “I need to lose weight” But then I hear all the reasons why they can’t do it.

The bottom line with any program is the one you will actually do, is the BEST program for you! There are a few things to remember with anything that you start. Here they are:

1.) Get accountable! Being able to check in daily and let someone know that you finished is an awesome way to get yourself to accomplish your goals. I always do more for someone else then I do just for myself!

2.) No Excuses! Get your Dr’s approval then do it! Push through your own whining and get it done! You are only holding yourself back by allowing yourself to wallow!

3.) You are going to hurt: no pain no gain couldn’t be more true than in the world of exercise. When you start using muscles that you haven’t worked in a while (or forever!), you are going to feel it! Accept it as part if the journey-just don’t take a day off! You wait a day in-between and you will hurt even more the next day! Keep on your schedule and work out. Your pain will get easier.

*Keep in mind that I’m talking about muscle pain not an injury. You need to know your own body and listen to it.

4.) You are going to sweat! To lose fat, you have to burn up some calories and do it in a quick way! Ideally you want to do this while maintaining and building muscle. To do this, you are going to sweat. You will sweat like never before. Not just because it’s hot out, but because you are increasing your heart rate and maintaining that rate over a period of time. Plyometrics Is one of the best ways to achieve this!  Jumps, squats, burpees, push-ups, pull ups, and lifting weights over your head while squatting all while being timed are great ways to build muscle and lose fat all at the same time!

Whatever you decide should be the program, remember, it’ll take work!  But it WILL be worth it!  Feeling good, looking good, and keeping up with the kids ALWAYS does!


One thought on “No Excuses!”

  1. Hi Pamela –

    I like your write up here on getting started and maintaining an exercise routine, not only for those desiring to lose weight but it applies really to all individuals looking to better their health. Daily is very key and also love what you said about the initial muscle pains. This is a big “day off” reason and is backwards thinking. Once your sore muscles loosen up and energy is exerted, the blood flow, workout, and proper nutrients being supplied to the sore rebuilding muscles will accelerate repair. Nicely done here. 🙂

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