Reinventing Myself!

Ever hear about the changes companies make to reinvent themselves?  They do it so they can accomplish goals and achieve higher standards.  Musicians do it too.  You’ll see a group get in shape so they can get a bigger following and handle the concerts!  As I was talking with a friend today, I realized that I’ve done this with myself a few times.  Sometimes it was for business-I own my own and my image IS the business.  Mostly though I’ve reinvented myself for personal growth and to shed off areas of my life I don’t like!  And, to add some ares that I’ve enjoyed in others!

I don’t let go of who I am-my core values don’t change.  However, I do take an honest look at myself and see what’s working and what isn’t.  What I DON’T do is look at all the bad in me and beat myself up for not being more!  NO…that doesn’t serve any good purpose and is a waste of precious time and energy!  If I’m honest with myself, I have loads of good stuff that I and others like along side of some areas…well…I’d rather not admit to.  Twice in my life, weight has been or was quickly becoming an issue.  I needed to make changes or face all kinds of problems.  Since I didn’t want to accept being bigger because I’m “older” or “I’m a Mom” or “That’s just the way it is”, I knew I had to take a major turn and stick with it until I reached the changes necessary.

I had other areas too that in all honesty were actually some of the causes for my weight gain.  I let emotional and spiritual areas of my life slip and therefore took it out on myself.  Since I horribly hated where I was at (both times), I decided to make some changes.  This took looking at myself and what I liked and what I didn’t.  It’s important that when in a down-hill state, it’s the areas I liked (either in myself or in others) to come first!  The boost is important!

One of the valuable things I did was to write it all down.  I didn’t wallow or roll words around in my head.  I wrote down the good the bad and the ugly.  Next, I wrote down where I wanted to be and who I wanted to be.  I put these words into the present tense as if they have already taken place!  This is so important…Tomorrow never comes!  Think about it.  We have been given today…really this moment.  Put desires and dreams into right here and right now.

I came across a list of mine from when I was a single Mom from my journal and I thought I would share.  Weight wasn’t a problem at this point, but doing it all on my own (four kids in tow) financially was a burden that at the time, I felt I was failing miserably.  I couldn’t seem to break those chains.  What I realized was, I was claiming these chains daily to be wrapped around me.  I said “NO MORE!”  Here’s what came of it:


Oct 29, 2007

“New Puck…New Game!”

It’s time to re-invent myself:

I am:

  • Exceptional
  • Unique
  • Special
  • Inspiring
  • Loyal
  • Healthy
  • Smart
  • A Leader
  • Creative
  • Ready for Marriage
  • A career woman
  • A wonderful Mom
  • Blessed
  • On top of my game
  • Purposeful
  • Steady
  • Organized!

I can because I KNOW I can!


I read that list out load to myself daily!  Many days twice a day!  It all became my mindset and life changed!

What’s your list? 



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