No Brainer “Go To” Snack!

Yes I love to eat!  It’s true.  I am hungry an awful lot and I need quick “go to” foods so that I can get the nutrition I need and satisfy the hunger all while giving me the energy I need to keep going strong.  So here is yet another snack of mine that I love!

Baby Organic Carrots:

I love those sweet baby organic kind.  They are quick and easy.  NO DRESSING FOLKS-SORRY!  I don’t dip them typically unless it’s in guacamole and then it’s a whole different snack!

Pepper Jack Cheese:

I do love cheese, but I keep this to a minimum when I’m trying to lose fat.  You can substitute a low-fat type of cheese, but still keep the intake low.  Cheese does give great protein benefits!

Kashi Roasted Garlic Whole Grain Crackers:

This is a new find for me.  I know, I know…manyof you have known about Kashi brand a long time.  I tried one of their cereals a long time ago when my older kids were young and they refused to eat it-I didn’t blame them (wow!!)  This company has come a long way baby!! Whole grains, fiber, wonderful flavor…I can’t say enough!  So Kashi crackers are a new favorite with my whole family!  We are astonished at the flavor difference-no processed anything!  Go for this snack!


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