Attitude of Gratitude Is Where It’s At!

I’ve been noticing lately (again) how my attitude means so much!  When I’m down, or angry, or gloomy, it spreads like wildfire!  I affect other people.  I don’t control them…I affect them.  However, the same is said with being happy and encouraging others!  It is infectious!! And so needed.  Have you ever been around someone who always had an encouraging word for you?  I’m drawn to these sort of people and their words!  I don’t have to even think about who I want to talk with.  Hmm…let’s see the one who always has a reason why it can’t be done and why it’s not possible and how they think life is useless…OR Talk with the person who intently cares and has nothing but encouragement to say, let’s me know I can do it, and smiles at me?  No brainer there!  I just love to wake up to encouragement and a smile!  But what’s important is not only am I drawn to it, but really that I’m giving that out on a daily basis as well!  It is my ‘business’ and privilege to uplift and encourage others.  Honestly, I believe this is love at its purest form.  Now, the real question for me is how can I do this when I’m just not feeling it?

First and foremost, it’s important to remember where love comes from.  There’s a little thing I like to talk about.  It’s not original with me but I don’t remember where exactly that I got it.  Love tanks.  We all have them within us and they need to be filled up on a regular basis.  When our love tanks are empty, it’s difficult at best to love on someone else.  We need to take moments each day and fill up our ‘Love Tanks’.  One of the quickest ways that I know of is taking a moment throughout my day and focusing on what it is that I’m grateful for.  If you’ve been out of practice with this one, it will be like exercising for the first time…it’s going to be a bit painful!  I’m here to let you know that getting this one into your life and making it a habit is oh so worth it!!  There’s nothing like being able to have joy throughout struggles and hard times.  To have peace even when a storm is raging all around you.  Gratitude is the answer for this.  I have been blessed today and every day…AND so have you!  Take the time to notice what you’ve been blessed with, even the small things!  When you get rid of the clutter in your heart and your mind from worry, fear, stress, and anger from all that you DON’T have and fill that space with Gratitude for what you DO have, you free up precious energy and allow God’s hand to work further in your life!

My older daughter came to me letting me know of a “storm” that is in her life.  After talking with her a bit and loving on her, she look up at me and said “Ya know, I’m actually happy about this!”  I smiled and asked  ‘Well, ya!  What’s the alternative?  Doom and gloom?  Will that change anything?  Might as well embrace the storm and be thankful for what you have!”  In her case, one of the things I’m grateful for is that we have each other-even through a storm!!  The gift of my daughter has been given by God Himself and no matter how long we have, I want to embrace each moment with gratitude and encouragement!

Here is a cool little way to be reminded to be thankful.  If you have some of these little posters, feel free to send them my way!  Make your day count and keep those love tanks full!!  Blessings!!

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2 thoughts on “Attitude of Gratitude Is Where It’s At!”

  1. Muchas gracias por compartir este escrito tan bello,me reconforta saber lo espiritual que eres y los buenos momentos que debes pasar rescatando estas pequeñas joyas del diario vivir! un abrazo Dios te bendiga ,querida amiga! (english: Thank you very much for sharing this writing so beautiful, I am comforted to know that you are spiritual, and good times that you must go rescuing these little gems of everyday life! embrace God bless you, dear friend!)

    1. I’m so glad that you are enjoying the writings and the little Gems! It’s all part of fitness in our everyday lives!!

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