To Celebrate Someone is Rare…But Oh So Worth It!

“Smooch” Good Morning Honey!  Happy Birthday!  I look up to a smiling face gently waking me up…Now THAT’s a great way to wake up!  My day was filled with errands and church and my daughters banquet and and and…I smiled and asked if I could go back to sleep and wake up that way again–after all, it was so nice!! “No…I let you sleep in as long as possible.  Time to get movin!”   With a yawn and a stretch, up I came and I had to rush around to get out the door.

On the way to church, I looked up my Facebook….OMG!!  What I saw there made me grin from ear-to-ear!  Over a hundred messages of “Happy Birthday” and wishes galore!!  I was like a kid in a candy store.   “This is so cool!!”  All day long they kept coming in and I couldn’t have been happier!  Then my Mother called, “come over for a little something to celebrate you birthday.  One of my big brothers came up from lower Michigan for deer camp.  He came up a couple of days early, I think, for my birthday!!  Again, I felt so loved.

One of the most precious things any of us can do is to celebrate others.  Any day of the year!  To encourage the life of someone else is to breathe life into that person!  Here’s a typical day that we go through…

  • NO! You shouldn’t do that!
  • You can’t do that!
  • Why are you doing that?
  • You goof-you mess things up too much!
  • 5 B’s and a C+…What have you done!!  Bring that grade up!
  • Fix this!
  • Do that!
  • You never finish anything!
  • Why can’t you do a better job?
  • Why aren’t you more like…..?
  • You told you to do that?
  • I should have you fired for that!
  • You don’t make any sense!
  • Blah blah blah…
  • No No No!
  • You shouldn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t….YOU BETTER NOT!

Within a day, a person hear’s so many negatives from outside themselves.  On top of that, the self-talk can get unbearable at times!  What’s interesting, is that everyone goes through this!  How refreshing to have someone come along and send a smile your way or to get an encouraging word or a thank you…WOW!  It’s so nice to hear positive statements or to get kudos for a job well done!  Our spirits crave to hear belonging and adoration.  To be encouraged is one way to get our love tanks filled.  And to be the one who makes the habit of being a person who encourages and uplifts others is a person who is a rare gift indeed!  We need to be people who look for the good in others, but not just look and notice, but to voice what is noticed.  Make it a habit to see something good in others and to voice it to them!  Bring a smile to their face by telling them how great they are and that you appreciate them.  Just watch how they respond.  After all, it may make you feel good as well!


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