What’s filling your personal SPOT?

Yesterday, I went and bought a lamp.  Pretty.  I needed a lamp that wasn’t so big on my night stand.  The old one was taking up the whole nightstand and I need water, a book, a notepad, a pen!!  So I brought the lamp home, put on the lampshade, and plugged it in!  What the heck?  It didn’t work!  What’s the problem?  I checked the plug…nothing.  Oooohh…There’s this spot in the lamp itself that needs something screwed into it.  I know, I’ll go get some food and put it there, then it will work.  Nothing.  No light!  Hmmm…maybe some toys!  Nope!  So I tried showing it the TV hoping that it would learn how to light up the room by the example.  Nothing!!  For goodness sake!  What’s wrong with this lamp?!

Ok enough…I sure hope I’m not that dense!  My point is that we, just like the lamp are made with a spot within us that if filled with the right equipment, our lives will radiate, shine and be fulfilled.  To live passionate lives that fulfill our personal destinies, we need to clean this area out and put Pure Radiance within it.  With the lamp, I did everything right except one thing…I needed a light bulb to make it shine.

I know it seems far off that I would do such a thing with the lamp, but is it really??   Maybe not with a lamp, but with my own life!!  There’s a reason we allow ourselves to get out of shape in our High 5 areas.  We all have this place in ourselves that was put there on purpose for one reason and one reason only.   We go through our lives daily filling that spot with running around doing “errands”, forcing relationships that aren’t really good for us, controlling others people’s decisions, or filling ourselves with food trying to “stuff” this area full.  The problem is the only thing we have left is a stuffed emptiness at best.  Go through this long enough and the question may arise…”What’s the point anyway?”

This spot within each of us was made for only one…Pure Love, Radiance, & Selflessness that cares only for you and wants the best for you at all times!  When we discover this and implement this within our lives, we begin to feel fulfilled and we can bring good forward because our personal emptiness is gone!  No matter where we are at with our fitness, we can progress with confidence knowing that we are cared for, loved, fulfilled fully and completely.  Then, it’s just a matter of what we want to do!  We are free to discover our passions, our characteristics, our personalities and personal desires.  We are allowed to mess it all up, pick ourselves up and revamp the plan-trying again!  What we do on the outside and how we look doesn’t complete us…it then is in its rightful place of being ‘outside’ of us-not WHO we are.  We are then connected to total TRUTH and can learn how to go about this thing called life!

Quit trying to put all that we do and how we look into a place a that only a “light bulb” fits!!  Allow God and His Son to take His rightful place (after all, it has His perfect outline)–caring for you fully like no other can.  Then we can work on how to go about the rest of your fitness and bring success in every way!  Enjoying who we are, where we are going, and the lives that we are touching by radiating so much!





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