Stop Messing up my Agenda!!

“BRRRRRRRRING….”  The alarm goes off…”just 5 more minutes”   I hit the snooze…zzzz…”BRRRRRRRINGGGGG” ok ok, I’m up.  OMG! it’s Freezing in our room!  I walk out shivering and turn up the heat!  “Kid’s!! Time to get up!”  They arise, rush rush rush and out the door for school they go!  Ahhh, time for a cup of coffee and ck my Facebook.  As I just sit down, my older daughter yells, “What time is it?”  She brings into my morning her list of needs.  Skip the relaxing coffee…I’m starving!! I make myself and hubby a Protein shake, the phone rings…I rush upstairs to grab a school uniform  for my middle daughter because she forgot it (how this happens…I know…a bit of a mystery!)  Off goes hubby with uniform in hand and no protein drink.  I put it in the fridge for him later.

A text comes in (I’m still starving btw!) from my older daughter (who I just got out the door ten min earlier).  “I’m coming back to get you!”  What does that mean?? Why does she need me to go with her to her apt?? I whip on some clothes and say goodbye to the eggs I just made ( 😦 ) as Hubby walks in.  “I have to run and go help Savannah.”  Kiss, hug, bye!  He’s not feeling good and I don’t have time to explain. Oh darn!! I forgot to tell him that his Protein Shake is in the fridge!  I, of course grabbed mine and ran.

For the next three hours I help my daughter with what’s going on.  It all ends with some really bad news.  We cry.  We hug.  I’m so glad I came.  We take care of details and go home.  I walk in…”We have to go!  We have stuff to get done! Where have you been?”  In all fairness, the poor guy couldn’t get a hold of me at all to find out what was going on and we had plans today (like every day!).  But honestly, my eyes were still swollen!! I needed a minute to catch my breath.  Through all this I’m still hungry.  Now, I do eat throughout because I ALWAYS have some sort of protein bar or almonds on me…at this point though, it’s NOT enough.  I’m never very nice when I’m REALLY hungry (Good thing I married such a great cook, right?!).

First on the ‘Next’ agenda…EAT!!  Nope!  I grab an apple and tell him his protein drink is in the fridge (yes this is almost four hours later!!) and off we went.  Ok.  When times are like these, you need to know who to call for back up!  Who’s on your team?  In this case, I call my mother!  WE were headed out her direction and it is her birthday.  “Mom, what are you doing for lunch?? You want to grab something to eat with us?”  She responds with “No”.  Oh man!  Plan B down! Now what?  Fortunately, it’s my Mom and she is definitely on my team!!  She calls me back and lets me know she’s at the grocery store and will pick up food that I’ll love (I eat a little differently then she’s used to! lol)  We get to the farm and do our chore…then finally (did I mention I was STARVING??) get some food.  Awesome spinach salad and Cherry Vinaigrette dressing and an egg salad sandwich.  Perfect!  I enjoyed!

We continued to run, run, run (none of which was really on my personal agenda).  I finally land at 5ish and my Facebook & Twitter friends want to know…”What are you having for dinner?”  Since the hubby is doing a cookbook it is becoming a great question!  What am I eating next?!  I ask him…ooh the pressure!!

My point with all of this?  My day did NOT go as planned.  Not in the slightest.  I haven’t worked out just yet (I will as soon as I finish this blog 🙂 ) however, we managed to get almost everything on our agenda finished that we needed to do!  This whole day ended up being all about the relationships in my life.  I had tasks planned and God had relationships planned.  I had an agenda to “Get things done” and God wanted me to be there for others and celebrate others (and depend on still more!).  God wants us to see in our lives that people are more important than our tasks!  To encourage, uplift, and even cry with someone who needs it is worth stopping our list and giving to them.  We get rewarded in this as well!  We get to be there and have someone count on us and by showing this love, we get some in return.  THAT’S why we are here!  THAT’S why we have lives.  Sigh.  Now if I can remember that everyday!  Take the time to stop your tasks and lists to listen to someone who needs it.  Your “To do” list can wait.




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