My First Month

My First Month of Training for a Fitness Competition!

Decision made!! I’m going to compete…in what really?  I want to do some fitness competition, but not body building.  There was one here locally in Northern Michigan and a friend of mine was doing it as well.  Why not?  I had been asked for years to be in one, but all I thought about was looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger and I wanted nothing to do with that (not that I mind look at that :)).  I’ve said with a smile “No thank you” for years…but my girlfriend didn’t look like Arnold.  Just being fit, now that I could do!  I have muscles and I know how to work out!  I would turn it up a notch or two, but that sounded like fun to me.

At that point I got my hubby’s input and buy in.  Very important to me.  You see this man can cook and I knew that if I were to do this, I needed him to cook…LOTS!   I eat 6+ times a day.  I also wanted him to work out with me.  I wanted a partner.  So off to check out Gyms we went.  We landed at Anytime fitness mainly because when our High 5 Fitness Tour starts, we still need a gym to go along with us!  We figured that where ever we went, we could get to an Anytime Fitness-item 1 taken care of:  Join a gym!

Next, I had to figure out the difference between Bodybuilding, Fitness & Bikini competitions.  What the heck?  Readers Digest version is Bodybuilding is mass muscle and extreme low Body Fat % (BF%).  Fitness is very fit lean muscle that is not as big as Bodybuilders and a little higher BF%.  The % though is low enough to still show much definition.  Bikini (I’m still learning) is thin or slender and is yet a little higher BF% with a much smaller muscle mass.  First off…All are fit and look great!!  Whew!  Glad I got that out of the way.  I have a lot more to learn, however, what I’ve decided is that I’m best suited for Fitness Competition.  I can build muscle fairly easy and have quite a strong base.  I will need to work on it more and add symmetry to the mix…the diet!! The diet will mean everything for me.  How low can I go with my BF%??

I’ve been working out for a month and have seen all kinds of improvements-on myself AND on my hubby!!  To add to all the mix, Jim is an excellent cook.  He has been creating so much for me to eat that we thought we might as well put it in a cookbook for you all to see just how it’s done!  Eating right is 80% of the battle.  Portions, healthy fats, complex carbs, and protein need to all be right so you can alter your body any way you want!  In my case right now…I’m maintaining.  I have friends that are gaining (See Journey Back From Letting Myself Go!)  Still the number one question is how to lose weight!! It’s all in the mix of what, how much, and when you eat!!  I’m learning this more and more as I continue this training!

I will be posting more each month for a while and showing some pictures to see improvements as I go along!

Here are my starting stats starting October 17, 2011:

Some of you may recognize this!! November 1, 2011 (honestly two weeks in) I've dubbed this my "Before" picture!!
  • Before picture


  • Weight:  148lbs
  • BF%:  17.5%
  • Upper Arm:  11″
  • Chest:  31.5″
  • Waist:  27″
  • Hips:  38″
  • Thigh:  22″
  • Calve:  ?

November 30, 2011 Check In:

At 1 Month of training.
  • Weight:  154
  • BF%: 16
  • Upper Arm: 12″
  • Chest: 34″
  • Hips: 38″
  • Thigh: 22″
  • Calf: 15.5″

After just over one month, I can lift soooo much more than at the beginning.  I used to only curl 30lbs and I struggled now I curl 60lbs!  I use to Deadlift 50lbs now I Deadlift 115lbs (4-5 sets & 12-15 in each)!  I do 220lbs with my calf raises!! None of these are my Max Weight…they are the weights that I am firming up with.  I’m toning and evening myself out.  I want symmetry!  I am getting my weaker points and hitting them hard to catch up with the rest of me.  Then I go into build build build mode!  At least that’s the plan!

The other big change is the eating…I eat pretty good.  I stay close to the farm and get my veggies (almost 3-4cups of spinach a day!!) b ut I have never felt so full (and now so hungry) all the time!! I eat protein and have added a Protein isolate shake twice a day!  When working out at this rate, my body needs to recover…the protein helps me to do that and hit it hard again the next day.  I’m amazed at the difference I feel with this much protein.  Also, I have never been a fan of supplements…vitamins, yes!  Supplements (like the protein shake) have never been on my agenda.  Doing it “all natural” meaning deal with the pain has been the norm for me.  I am sore…I better be with how much I increase each week, but I am not nearly so as I think I should be…it’s the shake!  the extra protein has helped immensely, not only with the soreness, but also with building so quickly!  I really am gaining LOTS of muscle-THANK YOU PROTEIN!!  I am adding some other supplements to my diet as well.  I will keep you posted as to how it goes!!  And let you know which ones I liked!!

Some of the detail in my diets goes like this:

  1.  Eat 6x’s a day or more!! (a meal may be a 1/4 cup almonds and an apple)
  2.  No cheese (I miss my PepperJack already!!  😦 )
  3.  No Refined sugar  or flour or rice!! NONE!! (this is not new)
  4.  No carbs after 6pm
  5.  Protein shake first thing when waking! (it gets handed to me as I walk to the bathroom and my eyes are closed!!)
  6.  Protein shake directly after work out
  7.  I give myself a treat of dark dark chocolate square when I need it (not more then 2x’s a week!)(Not a whole bar!! A square of a bar!!)
  8.  (This one I’m still not good at–) a gallon of water a day or more!! Please pray for me!

Stay Tuned and we’ll keep you posted on the progress!



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