Such a Beautiful Mess!

Some times (more than I care to admit) I have to say I am a mess!!  My friends down south use to call me an Hot Chocolate Mess!  What does that mean exactly?? Well, it means that with all that I have going…I still really mess up!  I dont’ mean too.  I look so well put together!! I’m smart, pretty, fit, can dress very well…and yet…I often stumble out the door and spill something on myself as I go! My hubby laughs at me often because I forget half of what I intend to do or bring!  (Good thing he is there to fix me and brush me off!! 🙂 )

I just want  you all to know, that no matter how someone looks on the outside, you just never know what all is going on on the inside!  Keep your eyes on what you know about yourself and remember how God sees you…simply beautiful!  A Beautiful mess!!! Ha… and that’s just fine!  No need for perfection…just give it your best.

I love this new song from Hunter Hayes…Storm Warning!  Check it out:

~Pamela (Now go make the most of your day!)


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