I Am Unbreakable!!

We go through life sometimes and want and desire…then we decide “Let’s go for this!!’  All starts out wonderful and feeling great!  Then…life hits.  We run into others who don’t understand our goals.  We are told we are being “obsessive”!   We are asked with what feels much like a condescending attitude “What are you doing?”  We can be laughed at, talked about and scorned by those we love!

This is no different in the fitness world!  Any time there is change, it makes people uncomfortable.  I don’t know why really, I just know it’s real.  Think of it this way, if I have a cup of water that is full to the rim and I add a small stone to it…what happens?  Some of the water will spill out all over the counter!  It makes a mess!  🙂  In my mind it’s not a problem, I’ll just simply clean it up!  However, if someone else was watching they may make a comment or two about what a mess I just made!  The same is true anytime we add something to our lives…We are already full and we will have “stuff” spill out all over and we may even make a mess!  A bit of chaos may ensue for a bit until we “clean it all up” and get settled on the new routine!

Don’t let what others think or say deter you from adding to your life health, fitness, goals, and dreams!!  These things are good for you!  Settle in on your decision and trust that you CAN adjust!  Stick with it and see how many in turn follow your lead!  It’s amazing!  You’ll find many times the very ones who pushed back at your overflow are the same ones who fully support you!!  They had to adjust too and make room…and that may be uncomfortable for some.  That’s ok!! STICK WITH IT!!  It’s so worth it.  Let what they say roll right off your back and trust the decision to “Go for it!”  You’re doing the right thing for you…AND all those around you!

For more on how to let go of what others are saying or doing see Keep to the Higher Ground!

Here’s a song w/ lyrics to the Heartland series:  I Am Unbreakable


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