January Journey Update

Working the Calves!

Month 2…Down!  Whew!  It seems like it’s been longer!  Honestly, I started this endeavor back in mid-October.  Made the decision and found a gym that both I and my hubby (Jim) could feel comfortable in.    I was already in pretty great shape.  I already felt very comfortable in a bikini.  I already was eating right and very active.  Turning it up 5 notches to get competition ready was a very new level of commitment…I WAS SO EXCITED!!

We’ve had fun working out, encouraging others, and finding new information.  Some of that information has really worked!

1. Protein Isolate drinks first thing in the morning and directly after working out

Pamela's Lifting weights with Legs!

really does help alleviate the pain and quickly rebuild the muscle!! I am amazed at what an important and valuable tool this one is!  We have tried a few, but prefer GNC’s Whey Isolate called Pro Performance AMP.  It is the easily digested Whey and get to your muscles quickly!  With 20g of protein per scoop and 22.5g of Amino Acids and at 2 scoops per drink, I can recover quickly and give my muscles some of the much needed BCAA’s  for optimum growth!

2. Finding a GOOD multi-vitamin is of the utmost importance!! I got sick over Thanksgiving and my immune system has been struggling ever since with all the holidays and loads of people around.  If I have an all natural vitamin, I don’t believe you can overdose! (strictly my opinion but it is logical.)  the vitamins work with our bodies…give our bodies whatever it’s missing to recover from the deficiency that is causing the sickness to begin with.  Lots of research out there but key to this is having an all natural, non-synthetic vitamin.  THAT’S more difficult than you think.  Many say natural but really the “natural” part is some alfalfa!! There’s is no Gov’t regulation on vitamins and so my search went out!  I already know of the best of the best…However, they can be hard to find sometimes.  You can’t buy them in a store.  You have to know someone who sells them.  Nutrilite Company is  THEE leader with vitamins and supplements.  Our Gov’t has gone to them to revamp their whole program on nutrition!  They have been around for over 70 years and have always been 100% Natural.  They are one of the companies in Amway…I’ll let that sink in a minute!  Hahaha…  No I’m not trying to recruit you.  Double X is the best multi-vitamin out there…bar none!  Follow the link if you want to order online!  However, if that isn’t the case, and you’d rather go to the store, then I’ve found that GNC’s Multi are pretty good too.  I have used the Women’s Active and Jim has used the Men’s Performance.  Either way…a Multi-Vitamin is a must have!!

3. Glucosamine:  Lots of weights and working my joints…need I say more?? 🙂

4. This…may be controversy.  I don’t know.  I have tried working with some pre-work out supplements.  They are over the counter and very available.  Personally, I can hardly believe how great they work!  Some would say I was almost born in a gym!! lol  Not really but I have spent many years on and off lifting weights and helping others do the same!  NEVER have I had protein drinks and pre-work out drinks.  The pre-work out has the ability to allow me to both mentally and physically be able to work out longer and harder and to lift more!  I’ve dont my own testing with and without and I must say I am VERY surprised at this find.  None of them taste very good…seriously!  Here’s what Jim and I have tried:

  • C4-blueberry (not bad-I felt a tingle immediately.  Of course I do with all of them!) Best tasting!
  • GNC’s Ravage-Grape
  • 1.M.R.-Watermelon

I can tell you that within 5-10 min, no matter my attitude, I’m ready to work out!  I use these when lifting heavy weights.  I can lift more and for a longer period.  I do NOT use these for my cardio.  At this point, I’m working out twice a day and really like having the extra boost to lift.

They have an N.O. Dialator in them (my asthma LOVES this) and creatine (naturally found in our muscles) and Beta-Alanine.  However,  they also have LOTS of caffeine!  I also think that after a few weeks, my body craved some much needed rest!!  Is it from the pre-work out drinks???  I’m not sure but I am going to implement “nap time” for me!! I’m told that it’s a must!

Some of you may recognize this!! November 1, 2011 (honestly two weeks in) I've dubbed this my "Before" picture!!
Month 3 of training! We are getting there!!

Here’s my Stats:

Before picture
  • Weight:  154
  • BF%:  17.5%
  • Upper Arm:  11″
  • Chest:  31.5″
  • Waist:  27″
  • Hips:  38″
  • Thigh:  22″
  • Calve:  ?
November 30, 2011 Check In:
One Month of Training
  • Weight:  154
  • BF%: 16
  • Upper Arm: 12″
  • Chest: 34″
  • Hips: 38″
  • Thigh: 22″
  • Calf: 15.5″

Month Two Finished:

Back after 2 months finished
  • Weight:  155
  • Body Fat %:  15%
  • Upper Arm:  12.5″
  • Chest: 35.5″
  • Waist:  27″
  • Hips:  38″
  • Thigh:  22″
  • Calves:  15″



4 thoughts on “January Journey Update”

  1. Hey Pam –

    You are on a rockin’ rolllllll. I vividly see your transition progressing nicely. I’m also seeing an athlete that adheres to a rigid dietary regimen. For the novice trainee, this often over-looked element of training is not given its due. You go girl #High5 Pamela and happy Sunday to you & the family :).
    ROCK ON!

    1. Thanks Brian!!! I am having fun with it all as well!! The first competition will be here in lower Michigan in late March! I can hardly wait. Yes!!! You are soooo right about the nutritional aspect of fitness!! Without eating right and following a plan you may never really see your results or feel them for that matter!! I cannot stress enough how eating healthy plays into a fitness plan and achieving your fitness goals! Also, that it takes time! Most don’t give themselves adequate time to work towards and get the benefits from going after the goal-whatever level that is!! Never give up! Thanks again for your encouragement!!! Best wishes!

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