Pamela DeVrou Smith Then…and NOW!!

You CAN become more than you are!!

You CAN achieve  your dreams!!

You CAN follow your heart!!

…It will take all you’ve got!!

…You will want to quit!!

…You will think you’re crazy for going after this!!

…You will get tired!!

I too know that it takes standing alone at times to achieve.  When no one else understands…I’ve had to follow what I felt God was asking of me!  I had to show the nay-sayers (and still do!!)  – They will always be in your life!! It’s important to remember, its God alone that you have to please…to Trust…to have Faith in…Believe in you and that He made you for this purpose (and many more to come!!)  He want s to develop a character in you that shines!

This was me…

Then………………………..AND NOW!!  And I’m still improving!

Then…and NOW!!! Pamela DeVrou Smith

So stand up!  Take yet another deep breath…and keep moving towards that dream!! Give it all you’ve got!!  And when you run out…Ask the perfect Infinate Power to supply you with all that you need!!  He will!!

Now…Go for it!!

I know how you feel…and I know that you can do it!!  I’m cheering for you!  ~Pamela


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