Let’s Just Get Honest, Shall We?

This was during my “After I lost 75lbs” Very happy w/ how I looked! 135

“Oh…You must just have good genes!!”

“What’s your Mom look like?”

“I’m just Big-Boned”

“I eat right and exercise, but I still look just like this!”

“I’m doing everything right, but I just can’t seem to lose!”

Excuse me…I need to clear my throat…”uh..uh..Bull-hicky” Whew! I feel much better!! If you are one saying any of these, I need to be honest with you!! Take an honest good long look in the mirror…Better yet…Take a picture in a swimsuit and tell me what you see!! Heck, tell YOURSELF what you see!

Now, I’m not talking about the 80’s stick model and that you need to compare yourself to that! I’m also not talking about someone else’s opinion…this is just you and that picture…What do you see? Is it where you want to be? Are you satisfied with what you look like, the effort you put forth, and your results from your lifestyle??

YOU created the image in front of you and…YOU can change it.

I know many of you see how I’m working out and going after some goals. Maybe you think, “She does this for a living” or maybe you think I have good genetics. I too have a before and an after! (Pamela DeVrou Smith Then…and NOW!!) Getting fat took putting myself on the back-burner and eating fattening or sugary foods. Which dropped my metabolism. Which made me gain. Which made my jeans tight. Which I felt bad about. Which made me eat. Which made me gain. Which I felt bad about. Which made me ask my poor husband if I was still thin or not fat. (Poor guy!!) Of course he said (guys you know the answer that you are all taught to say: “No honey…you’re beautiful. You’re not getting fat!” Which went against what I saw in the mirror. Which made me feel bad. Which made me eat. Which made me gain. Which made my jeans tight! Which made my poor mother think (Thank goodness she never told me during) “Holy cow! If her pants get any tighter, someones going to get hurt!”

Getting honest with myself took guts!! No one elses opinion…just me and the mirror. I had to look. I had to ask…


My answer was no! I had been in great shape for years. I had lost over 75lbs and kept it off! I had become a trainer. Fitness was my second life and complete joy. Until…

I got married. I moved. I left my career. I went from a big city to country living. My Dad died. I let myself go.

We all have times like these. I took all the changes out on myself (and not all were bad by the way!!). I simply went back to some very very old ways of thinking. When the fog lifted…well, you see the picture. I’m so embarrassed about that picture. Here it is anyway!! My daughter (the cute skinny one) had to have a picture!! uhg! I so didn’t want that picture taken! Ha! Now, I’m putting it out there for all of you to see…crazy! I knew from before what a long road I had in front of me. But I drew the line in the sand and said NO MORE!!!

This is me AFTER I moved w/ my 18yr old daughter. The Fog had lifted...I needed to do something about it!

There are some really simple truths that go into the image you have in front of you…they are simple only by definition. Logically, they are pretty black and white. What happens is we mix it all up with our emotions and personalities. We have these monsters in our heads telling us that we can’t or shouldn’t. These Monsters point fingers and make excuses and we have a really hard time stepping outside of ourselves and getting honest! So I say this in love…your fooling yourself! I mean it! I’m loving you when I say this…You’re not alone. I’ve had times (and still do) when I have fooled myself too! It’s no joke. Here’s my certifications…the way people think. I believe it’s very close to the root (our faith in God and His Son is the absolute root…) The way we think causes us to achieve or fail. The good news is that we control the way we think!! We just have to have the knowledge behind it so we can see when we are fooling ourselves! We all are unique! This is on purpose!! Each person brings a strength to the table!! I want you to think about that one. YOU have some serious strengths!! Everyone also has areas in our lives that aren’t strengths but they could be if we developed them. This by the way is the largest area of our thinking. We all have so much potential!!

Now, here’s what’s tough…we all have areas in our lives that are weaknesses and no matter how hard we work on them they will never be strengths…NEVER!

What happens to too many people is either they see the weaknesses and beat themselves up so badly that they can’t even recognize themselves OR they are determined to force that weakness into a strength. Either way, sensitivity in this area sets in. When anyone comes near this spot in their lives, look out!! The first person can crumble right into a ball-whoa’s me: tears, drama, and pain ensue. The second may trample on all over anyone trying to help trying to prove that “They can do it themselves” Because after all, they know best!! This…IS the weakness. It is the same coin. AND, you can move past it. You just need the knowledge to understand that we ALL have strengths, potential, and weaknesses.

Now, don’t ever say I didn’t tell ya so. You are officially equipped with some knowledge. Let’s put it to good use!!

I want you to take a look at that picture again. (I realize I am talking to those who want some change in what they see in that picture!!)

What we are NOT going to do:

  • cringe
  • beat ourselves up
  • call names
  • hide the picture so no one will ever see it!

What we ARE going to do:

  • Take our measurements and place them right alongside the picture (w/ the date!!)
  • Tell ourselves that we CAN make the necessary changes!
  • Write down the goal of where we want to be
  • Write down 5 affirmations (include your name in them)
  • Get working on a plan
  • The plan starts right here…right now!
  • Write down next to the picture: “No matter how many times I stop, I will start right back up!! I can do this!!”
  • Place picture, Affirmations, Measurements w/ date, and Quote on the refrigerator at eye level!
Here we are again at Christmas 2011. Weight is off and I'm feeling good again when I look in the mirror!
On the Road to a Competition!

this is NOT a New Years resolution…

this is NOT a fad (so no diets!! NONE!!!)

this is NOT a phase (so let your family know…they are going to make some changes too!! You lead the way!)

this is NOT “until you lose weight!!” No! Your weight is not the issue…how you look and feel about yourself is!

this is NOT a punishment!! (repeat that one please)

To get healthy, and have energy and feel good about the person in the mirror and all that they are accomplishing, YOU will have to make some changes. Life is so much better when you can go and do and experience!! Step up to your life and enjoy!! Starting with taking care of yourself both mentally and physically!! You CAN do this…yes you can…

Now the real question is…will you? Only you can decide. Look at the picture and draw the line in the sand…NO MORE! Experience the dream!



7 thoughts on “Let’s Just Get Honest, Shall We?”

    1. You’re welcome Tina!! We all have a journey to go on!! God wants us to be at our best to serve Him!!!

    1. Thanks so much!! We are still improving…going after that fitness competition!! Love the support and the encouragement! Thanks!! ~Pamela

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