An Upper Body Work Out

For the past three months, I’ve spent the time building.  Building muscle…it was necessary to be able to compete.  Now, I need to let a few of you know that this doesn’t mean that I’m huge!  When I’m relaxed and not flexing, I just look like a normal fit woman!  Too many woman worry about being big and “bulky”.   When a woman works out, even with heavy weights, she is accomplishing a few things:

Increasing muscle means increasing metabolism-how can THAT be bad?

Lifting or resistance training increases bone density and helps to stop Osteoporosis dead in its tracks!

Lifting (not aerobic exercises) works to metabolize sugars and carbs in the blood.  This decreases chances for diabetes

Lifting weights means health…NOT bulking!  Embrace this part of working out and enjoy the learning curve in store!!  It’s fun, so add a little lifting (or a lot) to your work out routine without fear.

This was today’s work out for our Chest and Shoulders at the gym:

–All with Heavy weights…as heavy as you can and still finish 3 sets of 6-12 reps.  

1.  Chest Bench Press

Wagon Wheel Milestone!!

2. Incline DB 4ct presses

3. Standing DB Flyes

4. Cable Cross-Over’s

5. Cable Bar Lat Pull-Downs

6. Olympic Bar Shoulder Shrugs

7. Pull-ups

Now, I’m lower my body fat % heavily at this point in our Journey towards a Fitness Competition so I add in 30-45min of Cardio as well!!

Here's the Bike....couldn't do the heart rate!!

<—-Here’s Today’s!  400+Cal burned!


Luv ya and Keep pushing yourself to try something new in your own fitness journey!!



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