Lower Body Work Out

Here’s where I tend to carry my weight?? Any of you with me?  The sports that have always been good for me are running, sprinting, down-hill skiing you know the drill.  Any sports that take lower body strength and power!! The deal is, that after having four kids, it’s also a spot where…how do I put this…where I store all “uneccessary” fat (in my book too much!!)  I’ll be showing you more on this one…and boy do I have something to show!! Yes I’m in my 40’s (42  to be exact) and yes four of my 6 children I delivered… So it stands to reason, I’m suppose to be in a “phase” of my life where I’m suppose to accept that I should have big hips and a belly and thick legs.  Here’s the deal…I refuse to accept this.  I think what really happens is that we get distracted by our lives (I know they are very busy-mine is too!!) and we tend to put ourselves on the back-burner-letting go of our health first.  Now, the deal with all that is that here we are leading our families down the same path that is leading us astray!! What is the logic in that??!!

Stop the madness!!!

It’s time to take care of yourself and show your family that you are going to lead them into health and fitness as well!! Ever hear of the statement:

“If Mama Ain’t Happy, Ain’t No One Happy!!”

So let’s get happy!! I know I just feel better about me and enjoy others more when I take good care of myself!  Here’s what I did today.

Today’s Lower Body Work Out:

Start today with a 10 min easy warm up run (2 min walk…8 min med speed run)

Back Extensions...works great with side crunches!!

~All weights are as heavy as we can do and still finish 3 sets of 6-10 reps each.  You should feel quite exhausted after the sets!

  1. Sumo Squats-ck out the video! These were my 1st sumo’s!!!
  2. Dead Lifts
  3. Leg Presses
  4. Calf Raises-I used the Smith Machine for these.
  5. Smith Machine Single-Leg Lunges (ohhhh…these are AWESOME!!!!  This lifts the booty back where it once was!!)
  6. Leg Extensions
  7. Hamstring Curls

Abs (3 sets of each)

  1. Leg Lowers (no weights or dumbbells in-between legs-lay on bench w/ legs in air-lower to keep even with bench and repeat)
  2. Ab crunches (Form is EVERYTHING!  Slow w/ weighted ball at chest as many as you can until burning…then 10 more!)
  3. Side Crunches w/ Kettle ball (15 ea side-when it gets easier, increase you weight)

No Interval running or biking today…It’s a leg day and I was jello when I left the gym!!  Time for a Protein drink…then real food…then a nap (or so I’m told.  I haven’t quite got the nap thing down!  lol)

Make today a great one!!



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