Low Carb Meal

Some of the best forms of protein that our bodies need come in red meat, but not your typical cut!  I’m from Northern Michigan.  Home of the hunter.  At least that’s what I always called it.  In the Spring we tilled and planted seeds.  In the Summer, we gardened.  Hoeing and watering and pulling weeds was my lot every time I went to Grandma’s house.  Every once in a while we’d pull up a carrot and see how it’s coming along-that was my favorite part!  They were always so sweet! In the early fall the leaves became pretty and the hills became covered with beauty and we started harvesting from the garden.  We usually had feast that time of year!  Everything was so fresh!  At night the families and grandparents all gathered round the table drinking coffee and talking about the up-n-coming season…DEER HUNTING!!  My Birthday, the first snow and Opening riffle season was vastly approaching.  The color bright orange came out of the closets.   Target practice and sighting in the guns became a weekend past time.  Chopping and stacking wood was as necessary as breathing and the Fall was the time to get it done.  There’s nothing like coming in from a long day of out in the cold and warming up to hot chocolate and a warm iron stove!

I had no idea with all the hunting that my family did that I was actually eating the most natural, lean organic food around!  My Dad went on hunting trips for moose and elk as well and our freezer was always stock full of the best steaks and burgers around!

Venison, Moose, Elk…and much easier to find…Bison are some of the leanest meat around!  AND…you can eat them guilt-free!!

Here’s one that I had this afternoon!! I can’t have carbs right now so…lean meat and very low carbs…How can I go wrong?? Neither can you!  Try it!

Bun-less Venison Burger

  • 1T Olive Oil
  • fry burger patties as usual
  • Lay on bed of Spinach
  • Low-fat Cheese
  • One fried egg
  • Sliced Yellow & Red Bell Pepper
  • Slice Onion
  • Sliced Avacado’s
  • dollop of Black Bean Salsa

4 thoughts on “Low Carb Meal”

  1. Nice item, though don’t be afraid of fat, go with it. Reduce carbs in particular cut completely refined carbs, replace carbs with fat (natural dietary animal fat) this should make up around 60% of your diet. Worse than not eating fat is to choose low fat products, many of these replace the fat removed with sugar or forms of it which is very bad. Remember fat is essential for good health and a transporter of taste, this is why sugar has to be added when fat is removed from the industrial foods.

    1. Thanks for the comment!! Fat IS essential…We cook with it and put much of it on dishes. Fats like Olive oil, Avocados, and Coconut oil. We make sure that if we DO butter our bread we use natural butter not processed margarine! We agree and have posted about not using low-fat processed foods because of the replacing of sugars!! It can’t be repeated enough! Thanks again for you input!!

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