Some Typical Meals for the Red Fox

Start to get familiar with what’s good and good for you!  There is food that is good for you, but let’s face it…yuck!! I mean if you have to make a lifestyle change and get healthy, let’s do it with style and flavor!  No one says that healthy food is tasteless and boring and bland (ok, some say it but we at Red Fox don’t!!).  Food should pop off your plate and sing in your mouth.  It should be enjoyed!!  Savored!  And quite frankly shared with friends and family!! So, I’m sharing with you what I eat on a pretty regular basis, and some of my shopping days.

  • Healthy…Protein and veggies at every meal
  • As close to the earth and unprocessed as possible
  • Ideally Organic…Bare none, it just simply has more nutrition!
  • Stay away from refined anything:  Refined sugar (use Stevia-plant substitute with 0 cal!), refined flour (white or wheat!!) stay with whole grains…WHOLE GRAINS, and no more white rice…whole grain brown instead!!

Remember, 80% of your physique and figure is made in the kitchen…it’s true!! So get this one right and start replacing some habits right away!

Come see what we eat!!!  Take note:  Our Cookbook is coming soon!!


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