Happy Valentines Day All!!

I hear there are some haters out there on this very special day!  I say “whoa”  don’t react so fast and take a broader view!

Valentines isn’t JUST for some mushy couple and the guy needs to rush around planning (yeah right!!) or some great romantic wonderfulness!!  I heard from a very young (I know you feel all older and everything sweetie-but you ARE under 20!) friend of mine who gave some really wise advice!  I am paraphrasing, but you’ll get the idea!

Valentines Day is about sharing love…to our friends, to our families, to the people in our lives that have shown us love, and grace.  Those that have stuck with us through good times and bad.  Those that have been just a whisper that we will always remember in our lives!  It’s a time to care not only for others, but also for ourselves!  We need to learn to love us too…Honestly, as Jesus Himself loves us…UNCONDITIONALLY!!  Some of us need a new viewpoint…So take a deep breath and do something nice for yourself and for ALL of those people in your life that have meant something to you!!  At the very least, give a smile and let your heart say thank you!

Much love to you all!!  And I am VERY thankful for all of you!!

Happy Valentines Day!




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