Another Day at the Office…The Fun Part Anyway!

Rather than tell you about an update this weekend, I’ll just show you!!  Will post more later!! Love you all!  We are 5 weeks and counting and couldn’t be more grateful for all your encouragement!!  I’m doing this for you and (Whew!! ) learning a TON!!!  Please leave a comment-we LOVE em!  ~Pamela (Red Fox)


2 thoughts on “Another Day at the Office…The Fun Part Anyway!”

  1. You are making one heck of a journey. You look awesome, your attitude is excellent, you are a VERY BIG inspiration to many people, I want to thank you for ALL you have given of yourself and sharing you have done with the rest of us. I ADMIRE you like a super hero, keep it up, you are MY Wonder Woman! Thank you 😀

    1. I couldn’t be more honored!! Thank you for your kind words! They are an inspiration for me to keep pressing on and I really appreciate them!! I wanted to do something that help people understand that they CAN go for their dreams whatever they are!! Push through the struggle because THAT’S what develops the character!! Keep on coming back and keep going for your own personal goals!! Much love and gratitude! ~Pamela
      ps…I love the nickname “Wonder Woman” 🙂

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