Flat Stomach and Chiseled Abs!!

my abs are still a work in progress but because of my diet, they are starting to show!!

Abs abs abs…EVERYONE wants great abs!  Hubby and I had this discussion a few days ago that when looking at a picture of a very fit person, the abs are the first thing you look at!  I posed the question on the site as well and well…I’ll admit it (if you keep it a secret!) hubby was right!!  I was the only one who voted for something different!!  haha… Anyway!!


How do you get em?

First…Abs need a great lifestyle!!  What I mean by that is they are made in the kitchen!!  Look, you cannot spot check abs or any other part of your body in your work outs!  Where you carry and store fat is simply where you carry and store fat (not that you’re asking but mine…well, it’s in the legs and butt!)  What is needed to EXPOSE your abs is to lower your body fat %!  So, getting a grip on your food intake and how you combine your foods to burn energy and keep your hard-earned muscle is a very important factor.  Once you start there (see Grocery Shopping with Red Fox and Chef!), then it’s a matter of being dedicated to not only working your abs at least three times a week, but also gaining more muscle in other parts of your body as well.  Since your abs are part of your core, just about every exercise you do, the abs are inadvertently used as well!! I can’t express this one

Grocery Shopping with Red Fox and Chef

enough…the more muscle you have, the more energy you burn each and every day!  If you eat to protect and build that muscle, then your metabolism will burn up the fat that is stored.  (remember the clause here:  Getting control of your eating comes first!!!!)

As for abs, Here are some great work outs to make them stronger.  They are already there…so let’s work em!


3x’s a week, 3-4 sets each…

1. Crunches on the stability ball.

-Feet planted on the floor, hands at ears (behind your head can put strain on your neck!), and glutes on the ball.  Lean backward in a slow motion to engage your abs.  Slowly come back up just enough to release only a small amount (keeping abs still engaged).  Repeat.  Do these slowly without stopping until you feel a burn and then do 5 more…SLOWLY.  Form is everything.  No need to move fast!

2. Leg lifts

-laying flat on a towel or yoga mat, place your hands under your hips.  Raise up your legs and slowly lower them back down almost touching the ground.  Repeat.  Be sure to keep back flat on the floor.  Do until feeling the burn and repeat 5 more times.

3. Side Crunches

-Place feet on the floor with knees bent.  Back is flat on the floor.  place one hand at ear, while the other hand is slightly out to the side for balance.  Lift bent elbow off floor and move toward opposite knee-give a squeeze half way through and come back down to the floor.  Repeat.  Again, do these until feeling the burn and then slowly do 5 more.  Repeat on other side.


Weighted ball crunches

Up/Down motion, but never release the muscle.  Do these until they burn and add 10 more–slow and steady.  Feel each movement.

Side V-Ups

“sit” on one hip or one side of glutes.  Raise up legs slightly with feet and knees together.  Raise upper body as well with one have at ear and the other helping to balance your body on the floor.  25+ (burn + 10)

Bench Weighted Leg Raises

-Place 10 + lb DB in between feet.  Lay flat on a flat bench with hips slightly off one end.  Raise legs with DB up pointing to the ceiling and lower back down.  Hold for 2sec at bottom and repeat.

Here’s a video to try when you feel ready to add in push ups and reverse ball crunches at the same time for something a little different.  Remember that before trying any exercise program, seek the advice from a medical professional.

If you would like an overall at home Fat-burner workout try  Lifted Bum and Dimple Free Thighs 





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