Forgive and Forget!

I’ve been wondering….Who’s hurt you?  Who has done something that is down-right wrong?  Crossed your path?  Made you mad?  Who is it that has been sinful in your life?  Who did the unthinkable?  Has someone talked about you?  Called you a name?  Gossiped about you or someone close to you?  Has someone in authority committed the “unforgivable sin”?  And to think…they even call themselves a Christian!!

Has the offense been recent?  Or a long time ago?  Do you remember when you cared about that person and now…well, the hurt is just to great?

I’m sorry.  No, I really am.  That person may have been me.  I carry doubts.  I carry fears.  Rejection.  Hurts.  Memories.  Pain.  Sin.  I’ve hurt others so badly that they have stopped talking to me.  Told others about the wrong that I’ve done and yet won’t speak to me about it so I don’t know what I did!!  I’ve done this more than once!  Unfortunately, I’m afraid I will do it again within my lifetime.  Sigh.  I’m sorry.  And…I claim to be a Christian too!  Go figure!  I mess up.  I get tired.  I get cranky.  I get hungry.  I say stupid things.  I judge others way too harshly.  I’m sorry.  I really am.  Please forgive me… Jesus does.

The guy that was hanging on the cross right next to Jesus who committed some really awful awful sins…He asked Jesus to forgive him and He did.  He said to him….”Today you will be with me in paradise!”  Wow!!

It’s hard to let go of what people say sometimes or what they do.  They can really REALLY hurt us!  Sometimes what they do affects us so much because of past hurts that we have and so, it’s compounded!

I don’t want to take long with this one…I just want to reflect for a moment.  I know I personally do hurt others (or even myself!!) and I don’t let go of hurts that others have committed against me!  Have you ever done this?  Are you doing this right now?

I just keep asking myself:  Who am I to think I know better than God Himself?  I mean, if he can forgive me…then why shouldn’t I forgive others?  Dig deep on this one…be still…ask God what he would have you do and you will find the answer.  We don’t have to like everyone…but we do have to love others.  We don’t have to chum with them or be friends…but we are to forgive and allow healing from sin to take place.  Healing not only for them…but for us.  Sin clogs up all the beauty that God is trying to work into our lives!! It stops us from moving forward…

I don’t want that for you…or for me.  Open up those doors of unforgiveness and allow God to clean up that area in our lives.  Let’s live with clean Spirits like we are striving so much to do with our clean eating and our fitness!!  Just be still…and listen for the answer on this one.  This is just as much for me as you…thought you should know!


With love… ~Pamela


2 thoughts on “Forgive and Forget!”

  1. This is such a true article, we sometimes forget that there is only one judge and he is the only one who rightfully has the ultimate knowledge in judging others. We should forgive and forget but our inborn human nature makes it hard to do so, but we can overcome this by praying to God for WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING, because if you have wisdom and no understanding you are lacking vital elements of wisdom and vice versa. So try to forgive others who have judged you or done you wrong because you do not want to get old and say, ” I wish I had”. We all make mistakes but only God can heal, teach and direct us away from our past mistakes.

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