#1 Size Matters!

Jim Smith dicing and prepping for the upcoming week! Food is 80% of our battle!! Be sure to stay ahead!

I’ve seen this with so many that are trying to lose weight! Heck! I’ve seen this with myself!! Working towards the competition, it has become even more prevalent that What I eat, when I eat and for today’s thoughts….HOW MUCH I eat matters!

There are a couple of common, every day tools that if you are not using them, you are misleading yourself about your eating habits!! There is no need to go out and spend a lot of money on these tools either! A couple of them you have right in your kitchen as we speak!!

Measure, measure, and did I happen to mention….MEASURE your food! The gov’t has made it quite simple for us to know EXACTLY what

Our personal cereal bowls...Problem-they are 4 times larger than a normal portion size!! Be very careful when looking at your portions!! You may be getting more than you bargained for!

it is that’s going into our bodies. For today though, I want you to concentrate on getting into the habit of measuring out your food.

I read an article in Family Circle magazine (November, 2011) called “Lose More Weight: The Biggest Diet Don’t” (This way you KNOW it’s not just me telling you this!!) This article made it clear that the portions that are on our labels and what we REALLY eat are almost half!! Which means we think we are getting what the label says with that cereal: 120 calories/half cup and what we are really getting is 1.5 cups and 240 calories!! OMG!!! That’s quite the difference!!

How about wine? A standard serving sz is 5oz measuring in at 120 calories. What we are really drinking? 6.7oz on average at 161 calories!

My favorite snack…Almonds! We are to measure this one out too at a 1/4cup and 170 calories. However if you over measure and double this at 1/2 cup??? You come in at 340 calories….almost equivalent to an entire small meal!!

Be sure to pre-measure snack foods for an easy to go snack! This way you won't mess up your weight loss goals!

Keep your kitchen tools handy and even pre-measure a few snack items for the next day or even the week! That way you are not tempted to over-do it by eating too much and sabotaging your weight loss goals!

Simple tools you may already have in your kitchen to help you stay on track with your weight loss goals!


  1. Measuring cups
  2. Electronic or Manual Food Weighing
  3. Measuring Spoons
  4. Food Labels

So there you have it!  Today’s weight loss tip:

 Measure what you are eating!!

There will be more to come!



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