There’s more than just sculpted abs!

I have a few thoughts these days….well, not really….just two!  Competition, Competition & Competition….oh and yeah…I’M STARVING!!! hahaha…

There are a few things surrounding this for me.  I first want to say that if I were only getting in great shape and getting fit and healthy, I’d go status quo right now.  Unless you’ve decided to up the ante and go for a high level competition, there is no need to go the extreme that we’ve had me go to here at Red Fox.  I want to keep stating that one, because I believe that the lifestyle of being healthy and active and enjoying your life is first on the list!  The High 5 of fitness IS what I’ve strived for throughout my life and is what I believe that is meant for us.  We need to be at our best to serve, give, maintain and be active throughout our lives!!  Enjoying life to it’s fullest!!

I do also want to add that hard work ALWAYS pays off!!  Stick to your guns and make it happen for yourself.  Seeing my abs at the level I am at after having four babies and being 42…don’t tell me it can’t be done!!  YES IT CAN!!  All you have to do is make the decision and work your plan all the way to the goal!  If any of you have achieved your lifestyle change goals and you have some pictures and a bit of a story…let me know.  Let’s see if we can’t put together some inspiring posts!!  In the meantime, here’s yesterday’s shots in the gym.

Luv to ya all!!


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