Red Fox Chef Serves Up Ahi Tuna and Colorful Cauliflower

Mixed Colored Cauliflower

OMG!!! This was a very very good one and LOADED with protein and important vitamins that we need to keep our bodies working with energy and great immunity!  I finally got the shy chef on camera…and didn’t he do great?!?!  His camera person needs a little work!!  (Look I’m use to being in front of the camera!!  hahaha…)  I went through and videoed (or so I thought) about 7 min of how exactly to go through and do this…showing Jim working in the kitchen the whole way….and appartently…I didn’t press play!  HAHAHA…well, at least you all know that Red Fox is a work in progress!!  We ARE here for you!  So, pleeeaase bear with us!!

Much luv,

~Pamela (& Chef Fox!! )

Here’s the video!!  I am sooo so sorry about the sound!  I promise, we WILL get better at this!  🙂 Turn it way way up!!


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