It’s not our failure that scares us…It’s our success!

It’s not our failures but our ability to succeed that scares us! To shine so much that you become a beacon of light for all to find there way IS to stand alone! It is within all of us to achieve greatness beyond measure!! But there’s a price! It’s a high price. To follow your heart and not people IS to go down uncharted territory!! It is awesome and it is scary! It IS SOOOO worth all that is needed to pay!! Dare to dream! Dare to create! Dare to follow through all the way to the end! There and only there lies the pot of gold!!  When going after success and it’s rewards, it takes all that you have and more!!  It creates an atmosphere that actually takes more than what we have as an individual…When reaching up beyond our own strength to achieve, we have to reach for a power that is both inside and outside of ourselves!  We have a decision to make.  We have to choose…

When told we can’t….we choose to believe them or not.

When we are mocked…we choose to rise above.

When we are ignored…we choose to encourage ourselves or not.

When we get tired…lonely…scared…or start to doubt…we choose to draw strength from something outside of ourselves.

Here’s a great video to inspire and help you to keep going for your dreams!!  Get aligned with God & yourself & your gut.  Then, go for it!




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