Lean Chicken Sausage, Chicken and Veggie eggs, & Sweet Potato w/ Cinnamon

Chicken Veggie Eggs & Sweet Potato w/ Cinnamon and a side of Lean Chicken Sausage

So you may know that my diet is a bit limited and yet I eat quite a well-rounded variety!  Many of you have seen Grocery Shopping with Red Fox and Chef…There is a HUGE variety there!  What seems to be most important is how in the heck do you combine the foods and cook them…while still making them appealing both visually and tastefully!  Take a look around at our Fuel For Our Bodies and try out some of Chef Fox’s ideas!  They are really easy!  AND most importantly, they do taste great!!  he always says “You don’t have to give up taste to have healthy and it doesn’t need to look like dog food!!”

Here’s what I had for breakfast (it’s quite a staple for me at this point!)

Lean Chicken Sausage, Chicken and Veggie eggs, & Sweet Potato w/ Cinnamon

Lean Chicken Sausage:

  • Come in links…High in protein, low in fat and Carbs
  • Slice and pan fry (no oil)

Chicken and Veggie eggs

  • Dice up veggies of choice (here are red, orange and yellow peppers, asparagus, green onion)
  • Sautee them lightly (one min) add egg whites and scramble (The veggies add a bit of variety to the Whites-keeps them from tasting bland!)
  • Add in Diced cooked chicken (we cook up a bunch of chicken at the beginning of the week for our breakfast or packed lunches!)

Sweet Potato w/ Cinnamon

  • Microwave a small Sweet Potato for 3-6 min (depending on sz)
  • Mash inside of S.P. with whipped butter 1/2 tsp (must be real butter!! NO Margarine)
  • Sprinkle with cinnamon to taste


Happy Breakfast!!





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