It’s a little thing but it carries so much weight!

I just have a thought for the day!

If someone is trying…

…trying to learn

…trying to get better

…trying to achieve

…trying to get it right

Then by all means…let them!  Give them the space by not criticizing and correcting.  Give them the encouragement to keep moving forward.  We don’t have to lie about what is in front of us, but we DO have to let them know to keep going, to keep going for it, to keep up the progress!  Who are we to tear it down.  Who are we to “burst their bubble” by condemning, criticizing, and gossiping about their lack of knowledge?  We don’t need to let them know in any way how much WE know-that would be edifying ourselves and not uplifting them!!

We all had to learn how to walk.  When we did, we fell A LOT!!  We don’t mock a baby because they fell!  We don’t laugh at, scold, condemn, or no longer talk to them because they are learning how to walk!  No, we encourage them.  Help them back up.  Let them know they can do it!

We all had to learn how to “walk” in our fitness journey’s!  Some of us are learning now!  What works perfectly for someone else, doesn’t make it the end-all of fitness!!  It doesn’t mean that only that way is the right way or that it will work for everyone!!  I work out up to 4 hours a day or more!  If someone brand spanking new came to me and said how do I look like you I sure wouldn’t tell them what I do exactly…I’d scare them!!  Their goals are different from mine!  A baby doesn’t go from crawling to running a marathon!  Hahahaha…  NEVER!  I eat 6-8 cups of veggies in a day!  If anyone who is not used to veggies were to try that…

They’d get sick!!  Bloated!!! And their tummy would hurt tremendously!!  I’ve had to work my way up to this amount!  I use to hate ALL VEGGIES (yup! you heard that right!) except broccoli and corn.  Now…I eat the gammet of them-love them really!

My point:  Stop the madness of correcting others for not doing it like you!

It’s crazy to think that there is a one size fits all to fitness!  Are there some hard and fast rules?? Well, yes!  If I eat more than I burn in a day consistently, I WILL gain weight!  No doubt!  The opposite is true too!  My hubby lost well over a 100 pounds by eating cheeseburgers every night and drinking Coke all day every day while working at a fast food restaurant back in the day!  (Before I knew him!! 🙂 )  Jim took in way less calories than he was burning off!  Bottom line!

This whole adventure of fitness is just that…an adventure.  It grows and changes and moves along with our goals and needs!  As we learn more, we adapt more!  As we achieve more, we add more health to our lives!  it’s a process!  I didn’t become buff Red Fox overnight!  I didn’t learn all that I know over night!  I’m 42 and have learned along the way.  There’s a passage in the Bible that talks about disciples learned “…as they went”.  As in life, we learn as we go along, so all the more in fitness.  Let’s let each other be on this journey too and let them learn.  By all means, if someone asks, let the advice flow with eagerness to share!  Otherwise, let’s just encourage each other to keep moving forward learning as we go!


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