Two Weeks Out!!

Pamela DeVrou Smith - Red Fox Fitness

Here’s the latest…

  • I’m excited!!
  • I’m nervous!!
  • I’m happy!!
  • I’m hungry!! (lol)
  • I’m tired!!
  • (Sorry about this one…)  I’m grumpy at times!
  • I’m up…then I’m down!  (What is that!! I blame the lack of sleep and food!)
  • I’m very confident!!
  • I’m doubting so much!

The truth is…when chasing after something, the focus becomes so intense that really all else starts to really fade into the background.  I really have some serious laser vision right now.  My eye is on the goal.  my heart is set and even though it’s falters with confidence at times (and yes…it IS faltering) all still stands!!  I’m moving forward and going to Dearborne at the Simmons-Peckham on March 24th!! It’s hard to chase after a dream.  Honestly, the Competition isn’t the dream!  Some of you may know that it’s actually a fitness tour that I want.  I had it already right in my hands and it slipped out.  I guess God wanted to develop me some more.  So I buckled down and am learning some more!  All I really want is to let all of you know that health, and fitness in ALL 5 AREAS OF OUR LIVES is possible to achieve!  Not all the time and not perfectly, but possible!  We are to give our lives our best!!  Nothing more…NOTHING LESS!!!  If I go down…I go down giving it my all!

Here’s my stats:  I’m only gong to give last months and now…  Big difference!! I’m told there’s more to drop in these last two weeks!!

January 31, 2012

Jan 31st, 2012

  • Weight: 154
  • BF%:  13%
  • Calf: 16″
  • Thigh:  22.5″
  • Hips:  38″
  • Waist:  28″
  • Chest:  36″
  • Arm:  13″

February 29, 2012

  • Weight:  151
  • BF%:  10-11% (Too low to measure here!!)
  • Calf:  15″
  • Thigh: 21 1/2″
  • Hips:  37″
  • Waist:  27″
  • Chest:  35″
  • Arm:  12 3/4″
Feb Back Pose update!
Back update #2!

2 thoughts on “Two Weeks Out!!”

    1. Thanks so much!! Making a decision, creating a plan, following the plan, and getting right back up and following the plan again every time I faltered has been a blessing!! I am learning so much! Thanks for sharing in my journey too!! ~Pamela

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