Weight Loss Tip #3: Take Your Vitamins!!

My morning coffee

One of the biggest things that when putting my body under the stress of losing weight and working out that I’ve needed is to take supplements!!  I don’t always get just right and even when I do I don’t know what my body really needs that day!!  It’s important while making these changes that I get the most out of what I’m doing!  I want to be sure that with these new challenges, that I give my body a great fighting start, middle and finish!!  Here’s the deal…I don’t EVER want to get sick.  So to be doubly sure, I give my body the full spectrum of nutrition!!

Here’s my personal morning routine!  Besides making sure that I get whole foods…I add these to the start of my day!!

  • Vitamin Pack/or Protein Vitamin Pack (both are from GNC)
  • CLA – To get rid of fat and keep all my hard-earned muscle!
  • Vitamin C (1000mg) – I take this with a bit of OJ!
  • BCAA’s – Gives my muscles what they need to rebuild themselves
  • Fiber – We just don’t EVER get enough of this in our diets!!  Our bodies need it keep full and clean!
  • I also add in a bit of matcha or even Other Greens Which I may talk more about later but these give me even more nutrients including important B’s (all of them!!) I need to keep my attitude up (niacin) and my energy up (B’s!!!)  I will add these into my protein/fiber/BCAA’s with water.  This way they don’t taste bitter in any way!! It still doesn’t look pretty but…I’m after the health aspect right?!?!

There you have it…




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