One Week Before My 1st Fitness Competition-WOW! Big Changes!

I bought these 3 weeks ago for my photo shoot...look at them now! I've lost 2 inches in my hips since then!!

Last week, my husband asked me what it was that I use to do in Charlotte when I was training so hard and had such lasting results.  Well, the answer to that was VERY different from what I am doing now!  I wasn’t in any competition…I just trained.  I listened to my body and when I felt stressed (going through a divorce that wouldn’t ever end!), I trained.  I went for a run or went to the gym for a couple of hours.  I had no agenda other than getting a great work out in that got out all of my energy!  Then…I ate.  my lifestyle back then was running around, hanging out with girlfriends and dancing, chasing a 3, 5, 11 & 13 yr old around, and stressing about life, a job, and being a single mother to four kids!!  I gotta tell ya, even with all the working out that I do, I still don’t have the active lifestyle that I did down in the South being single with young kids!!

St Patty's day...Where am I? Arriving at he gym!! 1 week to go!

Sometimes we just don’t realize how sedentary our lives have become!!  So, one of the things I changed this week (per a trainers suggestion at the gym) was to get a session of cardio in FIRST THING IN THE MORNING!!  Now getting up and getting to the gym proves to be difficult in my house!  I’m up at 6:30 am and rushing around with kids and getting them out the door…However, as soon as that’s done…slipping on my running shoes and going out into the nice new beautiful weather has been a treat for me!!  I love to run.  I didn’t say that I was good…I’m a sprinter if in doubt about that just look at my glutes and thighs!!  hahaha…  but i love to clear my head running  in the beautiful outdoors!! I let go of some HIIT training and took on the 3 miles in the morning before I eat!!  Just look at my stats from last week to this one!!

Last week stats…

  • Weight:  151
  • BF%:  10-11% (Too low to measure)
  • Arm:  12:3/4″
  • Chest:  35″
  • Waist:  27″
  • Hips:  37″
  • Thigh:  21.5″
  • Calf: 15″

This Weeks stats…

It's sunny...we're grilling...1 week out from competition...I'm ready!!
  • Weight:  149
  • BF%: ???  LOW!!!
  • Arm:  12 3/4″
  • Chest:  35 1/2″
  • Waist:  26 1/2″
  • Hips:  36 1/4″
  • Thigh:  21″ (I’m so excited about this!!)
  • Calf:  15″  (aren’t they stubborn?!?!)

If you are having a platue…CHANGE IT UP!!  I did and look at my results!!  Sometimes, the smallest of changes can make a BIG difference!!! All I did was to take my afternoon running and place it in the morning before I ate my breakfast.  It hasn’t been a BIG change physically, but it sure has been much more enjoyable for me personally!  I look forward to my morning runs; being outdoors, sunshine, clearing my head-to me…all paradise!  I’ve been steady all along but my body wasn’t budging the way I needed it to.  I had to make a change and keep plugging away!  You do to!  Get active, change it up, move your work out time, or tweak your intake…it will work!  Remember, it’s a lifestyle NOT a diet!!  Most importantly, ENJOY the journey!



2 thoughts on “One Week Before My 1st Fitness Competition-WOW! Big Changes!”

    1. Thanks so much!!! I am so excited not only for this competition but for the one the following week as well!! I appreciate your encouragement!! Big Hugs!! ~Pamela

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