Two days out from the Competition…Prep Time!!!

Pamela DeVrou Smith - Red Fox 2 days out from 1st Competition

2 days to go…

Oh man!!!  I cannot exclaim enough about how excited I am and how I want to get to Dearborne and get this on its way!

You wouldn’t believe all that I’ve had to do to get ready for this competition!!!

Here’s my ck list and know this…Being a girly girl is HARD WORK!!!  hahaha…

I want you to know something… too many of you…wait.  I want you to know I say this in love!

I’m 42 and have delivered four babies of my own!  I have picked up and ran kids around.  Given to everyone.  Gotten lost in being my husbands wife or one of my children’s Mom and left with no name of my own.  I’m great with that, but sometimes, I got a little lost in the whole deal!! As I went along, I forgot to take care of myself.  I gained weight.  I got frumpy.  I came last all the time.  It wears on a person.  I see to many women do the same thing.  When they look into the mirror…they just aren’t happy with themselves.  It’s so important to add to your list (or make time in your list) time to take care of you!!  Listen…I mean it.  It’s important!  All of the things in my life are wonderful and they are gifts to me!  However, I need to take care of me too to keep it all going.  Learn from my past mistakes and take time out for yourself as well!  Your husband (or your spouse) and your kids will be grateful!!

Pamela's Claws

Here’s my list that I’ve had to get done (and am still finishing!)

  • Tanning (4 layers!)
  • Paws-N-Claws (EVERYONE should do this!!)
  • Hair
  • Make up (OMG!!  I don’t wear much of this!! I’ve had to buy some for the competition!)
  • Get silk PJ’s to wear after tanning and back stage
  • Studded Bathing suit
  • Hair Removal (so much skin!!! hahaha)
  • Exfoliating
  • Teeth Whitening (wow and let me tell you…next to the tan – they are WHITE!)
  • Eyebrows waxed
  • Jewelry (Gotta have sum bling!!)
Pamela's Claws

Honestly, it’s been fun.  I’ve enjoyed a little me time!  So guys…let your girls go get some girl time and get her pretty on!  And Ladies…Go take care of yourself!  You are worth it!!

Wish me luck!!  I will keep you posted I promise!!


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