I wanna take a moment and say “Thank You”!!

Pamela at her last routine and posing practice!

Tomorrow is the Big day!  The 1st Competition here in Dearborn, Mi!  I am so excited I can hardly sit here!  I have my full tan on and am not allowed to sweat (or move much really) and this “not moving thing” is sooooooo hard!!  I like to “do”!  At any rate, I am in the waiting game.

I wanted to put a post out there that says to all of you…

Thank you!  You are all so amazing!!

I have been amazed and overwhelmed with all the encouragement and support from all of you!  I am humbled and blessed to have connected with you and I thank you for following along!  You have touched my heart and kept energy alive throughout this journey!  All the ups and downs and you have been there the whole way!  Some of you have private messaged me with encouraging words, some of you have commented on the site itself with support!  Others of you are on Twitter and Facebook letting me know your own journey’s!!  I’m so excited about that the most!!  I wanted to do this to let you know you can do more than you think!!

I WILL post the results and know that I have the BIG ONE next weekend in Cleveland!  So, whatever the results, we have already won!  It is my hope that you know that YOU can go after YOUR dreams!!  It will be tough!  You will have others who don’t understand and may even put you down for going after it!  But if your dream is from God and it has been placed on your heart with passion to spare…Put God first and follow your heart!  You will be tested and that’s ok…it builds character!

So here we are…the night before my 1st competition and I’m waiting…waiting for it all to start!!  I knew this moment would come so I made sure that I took some pictures of some poses yesterday!!  Here they are just for you!!  I promise that I will post the results and twitter and Facebook all about it!!  I’m so excited!!!  hee hee…

Thanks again!!  My heart is so full of Joy from all of you and your kind encouragement and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!



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