Here’s the results from the 1st Competition…Dearborn!!

Pamela right before going on to the night show!

Ok…I won but here’s the deal.  Physique is a brand new category and I guess girls are very scared to go for it.  Dearborn was a smaller competition and was the one that I wanted to go to that I could get my feet wet!  I wanted to see how things went.  Get out the jitters.  I wanted to talk to some judges and I wanted to meet and stand next to some other Physique Girls and see how we are doing!  I also wanted to get a good chance to qualify for Nationals.

It was fun!

It was a learning experience!

I was challenged!

I messed up!

And…I have work to do!

I qualified for Nationals!

I was able to stand next to some other women in the Physique Category and they were kind, fun, excited, and it felt more like a team experience than a competition.

I received quality input from some National judges who were overall excited about my potential and stage presence.

I achieved all goals that we went into Dearborn with!

Then…we celebrated!  This is not about just me!  I have a whole family behind me who love and support me!  They are just as much a part of this as I am!  My husband is my partner, motivator, chef, confident, coach, hugger, pusher, and organizer.  He’s there for what ever I need!  I love him for it!  I also have two of my six kids that still live with us who have to sacrifice so much to keep the “team” going!  They cheer me on when I’m “stuck”, they help with my routine, they video all kinds of stuff for me and even go running and biking with me to help me get out the door!  I love them as well and appreciate all they do to help!

I have no professional pictures as of yet, but I DO have some crude iPhone pictures and video.  It doesn’t show really what I want, but you’ll get the idea.  Some day (hopefully soon) I’ll get some nice equipment for all of this!  Until then…we’ll all just have to make the best of it!

Here are some photo’s of the trip…Enjoy!!!!



2 thoughts on “Here’s the results from the 1st Competition…Dearborn!!”

    1. Thanks Patty!! That means a lot coming from you!! You are the work out queen and I highly respect you my dear!! Big Hugs and keep up all YOUR great work! ~Pamela

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