Photos of Wednesday Before Cleveland! My Day…

Red Fox goofing off!

We are so excited and anxious to leave for Cleveland!  What a great show this is going to be!! We are going to meet LOTS of people and mingle like crazy!!  We even have a few Facebook friends coming to join us and cheer me on!!  I’m so honored!  Here’s how the day went today ( I meant to post yesterday’s too but ran out of time!).  I’ve included lots of pictures for you to take a look at from my gym time too!  I think it’s always easier to do exercises when I can see them in action!  Cleveland is a little close to Dearborn and my advice is to NEVER do it this way!!  hahaha…live and learn!  Blessings!

9:00 am:

  • Up!!
  • Lotioned up (I have this tan on from last weekend and it looks like crackle paint!!  hahaha…it’s itchy, and soooo dry! I need to get it off before Cleveland! )
  • Weigh in:  145.3 (woop woop!)


  • 3 mile run! With my “Sweat Suit”


  • Ate: Chicken, asparagus, peppers, salsa, egg whites

11 – 11:30

  • Worked on Night routine for Cleveland.  They want a 60 sec routine vs Dearborn’s 90 (arrrhg! lol)  We did it!


  • Dishes & Kitchen duty


  • 3oz OJ w/ Vit C
  • CLA’s
  • Slimmetry


  • Got online and said “Hay” to my online buds!


  • Shower & get ready for the gym – Today is Back day!


  • 3 chkn breast strips with hot sauce
  • Protein/Vitamin shake w/ BCAA’s


  • Gym Time (see pics!)
  • Cked in with kids and Grandma (having a GREAT time at this really cool place called The Great Wolf Lodge)

All that was left was Dinner and packing and posting!  

Dinner: (Jim cooked of course!!  Thanks Sweetie!!)

  • Cajun Chicken Breast and Veggie Medley (YUM!!!)  I’m afraid I don’t think I chewed!!! sigh…
Go and make today YOUR best!!



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