Results from Cleveland…Yes Pictures Too!!

4th place Red Fox

Here’s the skinny…I took 4th place at the 2012 NPC Natural Ohio! I gave what I had and was proud to be standing up there. I enjoyed going out on stage and wasn’t nervous once I got into Ohio. Jim and I arrived a day early and so we had time to relax and work on posing some more. It REALLY helped!! I weighed in at 141# which I’m sure was stress and water loss! 🙂

I had a hard time after Dearborn. I felt I wasn’t ready to go to Cleveland. My cutting hasn’t been as low as I would’ve liked it. My leg muscles still aren’t showing much. My Body fat % is NOT as low as I need it…all of this I knew after dearborn and I had to get right back up on that stage and do it again. I wasn’t ready. I struggled so much throughout the week mentally trying to prepare for the Natural. I had one week and I gave it may all.

1. I ran every morning with a Sweat Suit…you know, the “garbage bag” thing that makes you drip!!
2. I lowered my carbs and my water intake.
3. I worked out hard regardless of how I felt…focusing on my legs.
4. Nothing else got in the way of my training no matter what. I kept my time schedule!
5. Throwing up didn’t stop me!
6. Getting sick in other ways didn’t stop me!
7. I did two cardio sessions a day along with my lifting work out!

UA's New Motto....LOVE IT!!!

The deal for me was, I made a commitment and I had to give it my best! Now, I approach my fitness with giving it my all, but it was turned up a couple of notches knowing that I had to get right back up on stage. I dropped 11 pounds in one week. I don’t recommend it! The stress made me sick so the food I did eat…wasn’t sticking with me.  So I had to push through no matter what.  In the end, I am better for going and I am proud of how I represented Red Fox.  I gave it my best and learned that I can still improve!  This whole thing called “My Life” is a journey and I’m not over with just yet!!

I’m Just Getting Started!!!  🙂  

Make today better than yesterday…I’m going for it!!  My Next goal is 6 weeks away…I’ll re-evaluate in 3 weeks and see the quality that I’m bringing.  Stay tuned!!  It ain’t over yet!!




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