Failure = Character = Success

Success comes with a price.  Nerves are tested.  Mental strength is sharpened.  Fortitude, perseverance and tenacity become common place!

Along the road to success comes many bumps and bruises of failure!  They become our character that makes us so unique!

Success comes from the actual journey…NOT the destination.  It’s what we learn as we “walk along the path” that builds our character.

  • I am not perfect.  Sometimes is shocks me just how FAR I miss the mark!!
  • I have personality quirks that get in my way.
  • I have this past that at times, it haunts me.
  • I have financial limitations that make me wonder “can’t I just be satisfied with status quo???”
  • I have people around me who wonder what the heck I am doing or trying to accomplish.  All they can do is laugh or smile politely.
  • I have doubts and fears about all of this working out

What I choose to focus in on is NONE of this!!!  It’s important to remember that of course all of the above is going to set in…However, I choose to let it stay or not.  Where my mind goes, the rest of me will follow.   If my mind is going places that I don’t really want it too, then my task is to fight that with all I’ve got.  Change the input.  Change my surroundings.  Keep actively seeking out positive reinforcement.  Now I’m not talking about advice and criticism that I have asked for and need.  We all need to reevaluate from time-to-time.  (But that’s another post!!)  I AM talking about nay-sayers who just simply want to rain on your parade.  You know the ones who seem to have something to say on how it can’t be done.

Success says that it CAN be done and figures out a way to achieve it! No matter the odds.  It trusts in the vision and meticulously steps out toward to goal…day in and day out.  When it fails or falls off…it reevaluates, adjusts accordingly then gets right back at it!!

Last week between Dearborn and Cleveland, I struggled in my own head, which in turn wreaked havoc on my body!  The stress of it made me sick!  I could hardly hold food all week!  I had to work hard at getting my mental attitude back.  I wasn’t lashing out or stopping in any way…I just knew there was a problem because of the food thing!

Here’s how I worked it all out!

  • I prayed…I went to the source of my strength first (repeatedly)
  • I ran (I had to anyway…but it clears my head!)
  • I trusted what I know to be true & NOT my feelings!
  • I did what I was supposed to do regardless of the emotions and thoughts going through my head!
  • When I was taking something as negative…I went to the sources in my life that are positive and encouraging with me!

In order to succeed, I can’t be blown and tossed by “the wind” called my feelings!  I MUST trust what is true!!

  1. I am fearfully and wonderfully made (and so are you!!)
  2. I have a freewill & have a responsibility to use it wisely!
  3. I will be tried and tested by the “fire” of sticking with it, dedication, determination & struggles.  How I learn how to handle them is key!
  4. In order to succeed, I need to do what’s right and give it my BEST regardless of my feelings!

This weekend we heard Jay Cutler – 4 time Mr. Olympia speak.  He said, “Success has a price.  Focus means you have to give up some things to make it happen.  What are you willing to give up?  The amount of success is directly related to what you are willing to give up.”  

For many of us, we need to give up being thrown around by our emotions!

I’m not finished yet!  I’m still growing & learning.  I’m still giving up & sacrificing to make my dreams happen!  Don’t misunderstand…I’m enjoying the journey every step of the way!  I’m honored to be on the narrow road to success in my life!  YOU can do this too!!

Now, go make YOUR dreams happen!



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