Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

This isn't my Sambo, but looks just like he did!

“I’ve had it…no I mean it!  I’m all done!  I just can’t do it!”  

I said that today.  I was very frustrated with something…it wasn’t really about fitness, but it was something that if I quit for real, it would be an awful thing for me!  I wasn’t REALLY going to quit, what I was saying was that I was frustrated, and am still working out the kinks and learning this whole process…I need some space to learn it! Honestly, I needed a mental break from it for a bit.  I stepped away and reevaluated, but I will take more steps tomorrow to get closer.  I don’t have it in me to just lay down and die to something or to give up!  I just don’t see that as an option!  Even when I should!!

Listen, I am going crazy trying to figure out how is it that someone can just say…”That’s it…I’m done with this?”  How do you give up on something that when staying at it is clearly best for you?  How do you walk away from the good things in life?? I get falling off for a bit, or even readjusting your approach, but giving up completely??

I grew up hearing that you can’t teach an old do

new tricks.  Here’s the deal…even as a kid,  I didn’t except that!  Nope!  When I was around 10 or 12 my Grand Mother moved into assisted living and my family adopted her old miniature poodle named Sambo.  Sambo was around the same age as I was and was old for a dog.  He was spoiled and knew my Grandma only, he wasn’t use to kids.  I was bound and determined to train that Dog and show my parents that ANYONE can learn new things!  I taught Sambo to sit pretty, speak, sneeze, shake, ask permission to get on the bed, ask again to get on his pillow…the point was that because I was patient, clear with my expectations, and able to repeat and repeat and repeat what was expected, Sambo learned.  He was a great dog!
And I said to my parents “See!  You can teach an old Dog…you just have to be patient!”

It’s true in any activity that we embark on!  It’s never too late to give something new a try…ESPECIALLY when it comes to fitness!  YOU are the only you that you have and it’s NEVER an option to just throw in the towel!  Start now…when ever and where ever you are at in life!  Make some changes to your routine and your eating habits…or maybe even work on a relationship that has been going down-hill…whatever it is…START!  As my awesome Dad would say, “You don’t have to eat the whole elephant in one day!  Just take it bite-by-bite!”  Take a step today to move closer to a fitness goal and take another one tomorrow…You’ll get there if you NEVER quit!

Get up & Get Moving!

For More ideas on how to break through some barriers see Our High 5 Page or our Mental Fitness Page! 


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