Sometimes You Just Gotta Have fun!!

Man…do you ever feel like no matter what you do, you seem to go backwards??  One Step forward and 2 steps back.  (Isn’t there a song like that??) I had a week last week that it seemed my prayers hit the ceiling, every which way was a dead-end, and we had “Life” obstacles at every turn!!

Sometimes it’s just…well, like that!  I struggled believe me!  I was having a hard time wondering what the heck was going on!  I mean, I’ve just gotten back from really reaching some major mile-stone goals and ready to push through to the next level and people who owed me money said forget it (how??  I mean…If only you knew the story!!)  Then, work that was supposed to be finished for me a month ago and cost about $135 turned into a nightmare and they wanted now $500! (WHAT?!?!?!), Our Truck broke down 4 times (poor thing!  It has over 300 thousand miles on it!).  One of our kids got sick (Walker-yes he’s ok just can’t clear his nose!! He’s NEVER sick!)  My phone crashed (My iPhone and I are one!), my computer went out (I have an on-line business!!) Anyway…you get the picture!  I’ve had a pile of work to do (the stuff I love!) and wanted to get it done!  We had interviews here locally for Newspapers and the TC Business News (Love these guys!!) and had deadlines to meet (no sleep yet again!!  Fortunately I don’t need much!).

By the time Saturday rolled around I was losing it..I mean in the trust area.  Every cloud was getting darker and darker and my head was saying things like “What’s the point??”  and “Why Bother?”  Ever feel this way?  Come on…I KNOW you can relate.

At this point is when a decision has to be made…NO!!!!  THIS point is when its time to step back and breath!  This is the time to do something fun…something that you love and enjoy it to it’s fullest!  It’s time to let yourself laugh and remember what’s important!  It’s time to step outside of your own world and dream a little–remembering what’s possible!  For us, we took the kids out to the Car dealerships…we looked around when no one was looking at us.  Kicked some tires and looked at some Hummers (I’ve loved them forever!!!)  It was nice to just sit in them!! Sigh….

To me…there’s nothing better than sharing a meal with friends and family…people you care about and enjoying some good food with them!  I love that!  It hits a few of the High 5 areas in one shot.  So that’s what we did…Jimmy asked “What do you want to eat? Forget the rules and lets enjoy some food!”  Music to my ears!  We went to Bubba’s for burgers!! ohhh…it was wonderful!! We laughed, we got goofy and took pictures, we ate a lean, local, grass-fed beef burger and had a great time!!

Sometimes, you just need to get away and relax, enjoy, and let some cares go out the window!!

Sunday, we went to church and heard “You Can Make it On Crumbs!” So when you are at your wit’s end, are you ok with getting just the crumbs from life?? All that is another blog but as you can gather from above…it was perfect!!  🙂  It usually is!!  Ahhh….

Monday….Here we come!!!  I’m READY!



2 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Gotta Have fun!!”

  1. I agree with you completely: get served some lemons in life, make lemonade! I don’t know why the Lord arranges the events in our lives like he does. I often say to Him “Going a little over the top on this one huh? Making me stronger for that next door that will open? Really, really strong”. Keep that attitude, keep praying, keep your faith strong. Sending you and your family prayers

    1. Adrian,
      Well said! thank you o much for commenting! We have this thing in our house…The BIG STUFF always happens on a Friday and we have to go through the weekend to “think” about it (worry more like it!)! I am learning (slowly…) that He is in control and has my best interest at heart!! Easier said than done of course! There’s lessons and good that can come out of our troubles and heart aches…We just need to trust and look for it! In Christ! ~Pamela

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