Just in Time

Ever notice how when things go wrong and you are at your wits end….just when all energy and resources are used up….that’s when hope whispers one last time

It’ll be ok. Gods got this!! All you need to do is trust Him and ask!

it’s darkest right before the dawn!

Many times we ask, but like a child wanting a certain toy at Christmas. When that child doesn’t receive what they thought they were going to get, they are disappointed and even mad inside! Asking like this means we are not there yet. We haven’t come to the place where no matter what happens, we trust that God has this with our best interest at heart!

God will give you the desires of your heartbut…

God reads our hearts better than we do!! He wants us to develop character like perseverance, patience, kindness, & selflessness. These qualities come to a person when they’ve been tested by the fire of trials in life!!

Next time you are having difficulty-I mean really struggling wondering where exactly is God in all of this….Remember He loves you and wants greatness for you not just a wish granted! He’s got whatever you are going through and will provide all that you need. Even if it’s at the last minute!




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