Here’s the Next Move – Grand Rapids

Red Fox 1

I have had a hard time with this one!  After Cleveland, I needed to regroup and think a little differently about the goals I have set before me.  I was going to be a bit more ready for Cleveland.  Win or no win, I wasn’t where I expected to be…I mean when I looked into the mirror! And…Since this is a journey, I guess I’m going to show you that you can regroup!! Rethink!!  Alter the decisions made and still make it happen!

  • I haven’t stopped working out!

  • I haven’t stopped eating right (Here is a whole different post about this one!!)

  • I haven’t given up!

So look, here’s what’s next!!  Decision has been made!!**

** side note, ever notice that when you are in limbo, life can get tough!! Here’s what I’ve learned…God honors knowing what it is that you want!  Yup!  God says all you need to do is ask…however, you have to be specific!   MOST of us can’t!  There in lies the problem!  ok…back to the decision!  

As I was saying….Here’s what’s next…

2012 NPC Grand Rapids BodyBuilding Fitness, Figure, Physique and Bikini Championships

So we’ll give it another go around and be in Grand Rapids where I grew up!! Hopefully we’ll get some of you out there to give RED FOX some cheering!!!!  Man!  That would be so AWESOME!!!

I have to cut off another 10# before I enter!  I’m well on my way with that!  I will show you exactly what it is that I’m doing to get it off…my eating and my work outs!  Lets’ do this thing!!

Much love to you all and thanks for the encouragement and following along!!



2 thoughts on “Here’s the Next Move – Grand Rapids”

  1. You have my full support & prayers!
    Now that u know what too expect I know you’ll be ready for this competition this time
    around! Your hard work & dedication will pay
    off! Xo ~John

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