Hams and Glutes Work out!

35#ers for the Bulgarian Squats

Here’s the secret…I do legs twice a week so that I can separate this large muscle group area apart!!  Doing a leg day can ware you out!! In a good way of course!!  So here’s a great way to build some much needed muscle (remember: muscle burns the unwanted fat even while you sleep!!!  No neglecting here!), and added Pliometrics for that fat burning cardio!! Cardio is best when done in shorter bursts (think up…down…up…down…with that heart rate!!)  I’m adding in a video AND and PDF for you!!  See…no excuses!  And Yes…this is the same work out that I do!!  So, lets get to it!

Red Fox Plates for the Smith Machine

Hamstring N Glutes


Ham Burner!

  1. 15 Burpees x 5 sets (in-between Hamstring curls)
  2. Seated Hamstring Curls (laying down works too!) 3 x Heavy weight x 8
  3. Hamstring Curl Drop-Down Set (by 5’s)
  4. 15 Burpees (just finish with these!)

Raise the “Roof”

  1. Smith-Machine Bulgarian Split Squats – 12 x heavy x 3 (each)
  2. 2. Cable Leg Extensions – 12 x heavy x 3 (each)
  3. 3. Bench Leg Raises – 20 x 3

Raise the “Roof”

  1. Sumo’s – 8 x Heavy x 3
  2. Burpees (25 more anyway you like em!)
  3. Weighted Ball Crunches – 50 x weight of your choice x 3
20# Dumbbells

Summit Climber – 20 min

(optional…I’m wanting to cut while continuing to work my glutes!!  This is not too high impact cardio and it works!)

Here’s the TEXT version for easy printing!

Hamstring and Glutes Work Out

Here’s the video on todays work out!! Enjoy!!



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