Having “Down Time”

Having “Down Time”

Red Fox and Little Fox

Sometimes you just have to Laugh, Love, and Enjoy!!  We live in one the BEST areas for Vacation!!  It’s stunningly beautiful and FINALLY the weather has broken enough to get out and enjoy the breath-taking scenic views!! We as a family, enjoyed each others company-we laughed and goofed off to our hearts content!!  THIS is fitness too!  We did it together AND we were VERY physical in what we did!!  What Fun!

We have a cool video to follow that will be at our Red Fox Fitness Channel so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out!!  We are doing some preliminary videos to work out details for the upcoming High 5 Tour that we’ve wanted to do for a while now!!  We ARE getting closer to that!  In the mean-time, stop by the Red Fox Fitness Channel and stay tuned for the weekly show!

Here are LOTS of pictures…Enjoy!

Let’s Get Active!



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