Health and Fitness are a Lifestyle!

Being fit is a lifestyle….

It is NOT ….

    • …..A Diet

    • ….A Fad

    • ….What I use to be

    • ….A Gym Membership

    • ….A Contest

    • …What others can achieve

    • …For someone Young

What It Is…

  • …A lifestyle

  • …Dedication

  • …Self Esteem to know that you are worth it!

  • ….The Mindset that each day you compete ONLY against yourself

  • …Habits that you get better and better with in all High 5 areas

  • …Enjoyable

  • …God Honoring

  • ….Self Honoring

  • …Fun!

  • …Contagious!

  • …Relationship Building

  • …Sexy

  • …Habit Forming

Being Fit and Healthy means that you adapt lifestyle changes and make those new habits your own!  Add them in…replace the habits that are not serving you or your body in good ways and before you know it you will have what you’ve been looking for all along!  You don’t have to know all that you need right now!  You can add little by little and create what works for you!  How do you know if it’s working for you??  The main self check for me is Am I honoring myself and God with what I am applying??  Am I well balance?  Do I feel good about myself and have joy about what I’m doing.

I may not like some of the habits at first, but if I can add them in and give them a chance and like the results knowing that what I’m adding I can apply for the rest of my life, then It’s something worth keeping!  An example of this is with eating.  If the (book, magazine, fad, diet, trainer….you fill in the blank) is asking me to make drastic changes like you now can only eat grapefruit , then that may let me lose some weight, but I can’t do that the rest of my life!!  I would never stick with such a thing!  It’s not good and balanced for my body!  However, if you advised to eat fruits, veggies, complex carbs (yes they are good for you!!!), Protein, and some healthy fats (like avocado…YUM!) then THAT is something you can apply for the rest of your life.  eating that way won’t make you lose quick loads of weight necessarily, but it will over time cure you of your being heavy and you’ll feel so much better!

I just wanted to remind  you….

It’s a Lifestyle!!  A Lifestyle!! Implement a new habit today!! Stick with it until it’s yours!! Remember, you can message me if you need encouragement or find me on Facebook or Twitter!!

Here’s some ideas for Healthy Habits

Build Those Quads

Grocery Shopping Red Fox Style

Let’s get Active!


Pamela DeVrou Smith

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