What I eat in a typical day…

American Pamela DeVrou Smith

Just wanted to show you some typical meals/snacks for me.  I’ve decided that the way I was eating before my first two competitions wasn’t exactly working…and I didn’t agree with it.  I said that I would give it to Cleveland and I did.  However, it stressed me out so much (along with the idea of starting to compete!!) that my body got really sick!  I’ve always had a philosophy that I need to bring into my house healthy choices first and for most.  When I start with that, it’s hard to “mess it all up”! If you need ideas on this, go to my article Grocery Shopping with Red Fox and Chef!  It’s a great place to start.  After that, it’s about really listening to your body!  I have a healthy lifestyle…I don’t have some off the wall eating habits that I need to really change at this point.  I have implemented what I like and what works for me.  So, when I start with that, I just eat when I get hungry!  I know that sounds really simple, but any thing other than that stresses me out!!  I hate being put into a “box”  My life needs to ebb n flow and so does my eating.  I don’t go out on Friday night for wings and beer!!  Keep that in mind!  However, I do eat…OFTEN!!  I eat about ever 1-3 hours!  Yup!  I’m 5’9 and 142 so my portions and the size of my meals are important.  I NEVER eat until I’m stuffed!  I almost never (hee hee ok sometimes…) wolf down my food.  It’s important to let my brain know that I’m eating and fueling it so hold on!!  This takes about 20 min.  I need to et slow!! I take small bites and savor the food.  I do this without thinking about it btw!!  I tend to eat “one the go” meaning I’m always doing something else while eating.  So this makes it easy to take my time!  I take a bite, and go back to other things…take a bit and other things.. you get the idea right?

The eating I had going on was NOT something that I could just simply implement in my life and my family’s life.  This wasn’t a Lifetime or Lifestyle thing.  I had a hard time with it because of that very reason.  When I talk to all of you about nutrition and fueling your body, I want to stress that it’s taking bad habits and replacing them with some good ones that you can do for the ret of your life!!  It’s a lifestyle!  If that’s the case, then by all means find out the foods you enjoy that are good for you and taste great!! I don’t know about you , but I need flavor!!! AND…I need it to look good!  If it doesn’t, well then…I don’t eat it!  EAting became a chore for me and I believe that’s wrong!! Eating is meant to be enjoyed!  Savored!  Shared with friends and family!!   grew up with the whole farm thing!  My family was always around…I mean my Aunts, Uncles, cousins, Grandparents…On both sides of my family we got together often and enjoyed food!! GOOD FOOD!!!  Farm fresh and home-baked!  No wonder I married a great cook, right??!!  🙂 When the food is fresh, organic, local, and seasoned…it tastes great!

With all of that, I just water to show you some of the typical meals I have (and enjoy) throughout my day!  Do yours look similar?? If you’re trying to lose weight (I’m cutting right now! which means I’ve lowered my calories about 300-400) per day.  Are you using some seasonings that can boost your metabolism??  I do believe n variety!  I’m a girl who likes choices!! I’m serious on this one!  I believe God wants us to have choices!!  Just look at all that is grown throughout the world each and every year!! WOW!! There’s so much great food I haven’t tried yet!!  lol  ok…Since I want to show you how and live by example…Here’s some pictures of my meals!

and remember…

Let’s Get Active!!


Pamela DeVrou Smith


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