Here’s my weekly ck in…Two weeks out from next Competition!

Red Fox Preacher Curls…Pamela is doing 70#!!

Here’s my weekly update for ya!!

Haven’t missed a work out!!  I am feeling so much better than when I went to Dearborn or to Cleveland!!  I’m getting VERY excited to go to Grandville!!!!  This is going to be a fun show…mainly because ‘m feeling I’m more to where I want to be!!  more time in it!  I have some experience now and I like where my body is at (or at least almost there!!).  Here’s the stats:

Pamela DeVrou Smith-begining

Last week:

  • Weight:  141
  • Arms: 12 1/4
  • Chest:  35.5
  • Waist:  26 1/2
  • Hips:  36 1/4
  • Thigh:  20 3/4
  • Calves:  15
Pamela Smith – 2 Weeks Out from Grand Rapids Competition!

This week:

  • Weight:  141
  • Arm:  12 1/2 (This has been my target area besides my legs!!  Need to keep them up!)
  • Chest:  35 1/4
  • Waist:  26
  • Hips:  35/5 (Yeah!!!!!  They’ve gone down!!)
  • Thighs:  20 1/2 (Double YEAH!!!!)
  • Calves:  14 1/2 (THEY MOVED!!!!!!!)

BTW…the black bathing suit that I use to take pictures in doesn’t even fit me any more!!!  It’s too big!!!  hahaha…  I’m more muscular and much smaller!!  Go figure!!  I want you to know  more than anything, that you CAN achieve what it is that YOUR personal goals are in Health and Fitness!!  It’s a matter of believe in yourself and what you’ve set out to do!  You don’t have to have the goals that I do!!!!  You have to have your own!  Just know that I’m behind you and believe that you can 100%.  It will challenge you!!  Especially when it comes to self images and your past!!  It’s a struggle at times when you fight what’s in your own head about yourself!!  That’s when its most important to lean on others and more importantly, on how God sees you!!  We when left to our own abilities mentally, we all faulter!!  Did you hear me??  We ALL faulter!!  yes even me!!  I’ve struggled with doubts and wondering if I could do all of this!! I’ve had a hard time with the self-image of my own legs and if it was even possible to get them down enough to be competitive!!  Getting up on that stage and asking total strangers to critique my body take all that I have!! I’ve needed to lean on others who believe in me and on Jesus Christ for my strength to continue!!  It is possible….just need to give it enough time and patience and continually working the plan!!!  Go after your dreams!!!  They are worth it!!  They are God-breathed!!  they are MEANT to stretch you beyond what you think is possible!!  How else can God get your attention??  hahaha…  As the old Nike  commercials used to say…


Much love and remember…

Let’s Get Active!!!


Would love to have the support from all of you!!  It’s easy… we have Men’s and Ladies T’s and Jackets for sale!!  The T’s are $25.00 (unless XXL) including shipping!!  We have them in so order one today!!


2 thoughts on “Here’s my weekly ck in…Two weeks out from next Competition!”

    1. Thanks John!!! I am getting very excited!! I’m feeling FINALLY that my body is ready!! Or at least will be real soon!! Mentally…I’m prepared!! Big Hugs Mr.!!

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