Going Through Tough times??? Lean in Close!!

Pamela “Red Fox” DeVrou Smith

I gotta tell ya…today is a bit rough for me!  Honestly, I could use a nice punching bag and some kickboxing lessons (they would wipe me out!!)  I’ve been pushed and toyed with and it messes with me at times.  I find it usually happens when I’m real close to a goal.  Ever notice that??  I’m just over a week from my next competition (Grandville ), and the pressure is mounting.  I feel I’m waaaay more ready for these next two competitions than I was for Dearborn and Cleveland!!! I’m actually very excited about them!!  So why is it that others need to toy with me at this time??? It’s just life I guess!!  I know the very last thing that (ok I’m hesitating here but…it is how I believe so…)..the last thing that Satan would want is for me to go and to be successful in any endeavor that I take on!!  ESPECIALLY if I’m opening it all up for others to follow.  Hmmm…  I believe the Competitions and Red Fox Fitness qualifies for this one!!

I’m not going to tell you what all is going on (I know!!!  Just know that I’m not dealing with it very good internally!!  See, I am just like you!!) However, I will share with you how I’m getting out of the “funk” for the day!  For me, it usually doesn’t take too long!! I really do work on sharing with God how I’m feeling and try and let Him show me a better way!!

  • First I gave myself a pep-talk- you know…I’ve got this.  God’s got this.  Looked into the mirror and affirmed (funny, when I did this I had a friend message me that I need to do this!!  lol).  It didn’t work out so good…I was still ticked!
  • Next, I went for a couple mile run.  That does usually clear my head pretty good! It did help a little.
  • I read a devotion and my Bible and prayed… All that did was remind me to hand it over…I did.
  • Then I went online looking for some motivational videos or songs…

With all of that, I feel much better (oh and I ate a few crabs!!  lol)  Did my issues go away??  No.  But, I am in a much better mindset to handle them if need be.  Sometimes, it’s just a matter of continuing to work the plan and plugging away at the dream regardless of how I’m feeling!!  Rodney Atkins has a song that is appropriate for all this…

If Your Going Through Hell, Keep on Going..”

I don’t believe anyone has the right to tear another down.  It’s not my place to tell you your dream isn’t going to happen!! God’s word clearly states that we are to encourage and uplift each other!!  We all learned (at least I hope so!!) that if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all!!  How awful if you’re the one who walks around silent all the time because you can’t see the good that is in others!!  Or worse yet, has selfish negative things to say!  OK..enough of my soap box.  To honor yourself, honor others, honor faith…Allow belief to come into the picture!

  • Belief with yourself and your dreams!

No matter what someone else said or didn’t say, I’m not stopping!!  This is me taking care of me!  I’m loving and kind to those others, but I won’t change who I am and be miserable…this is my life!  God gave it to me to use wisely!

  • Belief in others

OMG!!  Please whatever you do, encourage someone today!!!  I mean really, it is so important to allow others to try and learn and yes sometimes fail!!  Let them fall if necessary and be there loving on them throughout it all!

  • Belief in that God’s got them!

Someone else’s dream is just that…someone else’s!!  It’s their walk with God, with themselves.  It’s their journey…not yours!  Allow them the space to grow!  Give an encouraging word!!  Always!! Just smile and encourage instead of talking about and gossiping about them!!  You’ll feel better.  I promise!

Go on…make today great!!  Smile, Laugh, Enjoy, Struggle and by all means look in the mirror and at those around you and ENCOURAGE!!

I believe in you!!


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8 thoughts on “Going Through Tough times??? Lean in Close!!”

    1. Randy, Thank you for your kind words!! Sometimes, like I said in the post…we just need to keep on keeping on!! God ALWAYS honors faith!! I know and want to share that we are never alone-even if everyone else feels so far away! God’s still got us! Keep dreaming and making those dreams come true!! ~Pamela

  1. An amazing post! We all go through tough times and we can either lay down or dig deep, learn from it, and stand stronger than we were before. You’re an inspiration to a whole lot of people and I know that you’re working towards your dreams and have already accomplished so many of them.. Keep your head high 🙂


    1. Thanks Kelly!! I appreciate your encouragement more than you know!! Keep on girl!! You have an awesome journey as well!!! Much love, ~Pamela

  2. Most awesome!!! needed to hear this…as I’ve got more than my share of ‘nonsense’ going on and tough times…and I too, turn to Bible verses, Him and would kill to have a punching bag though LOL thanks!!!

    1. Tara…We all do. It’s so easy to forget and get wrapped up in the feelings of it all!! Big hugs! ~Pamela

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